The 1960s - Two schools, two principals, two winter uniforms…ONE HEART: SERVIAM

  • The Beatles burst upon the scene changing the music world forever! Ursuline students joined those who swarmed the Fab 4 in the Plaza Hotel! 
  • During his run for U.S. Senate, Bobby Kennedy stopped his cavalcade on North Ave. at Ursuline, shaking hands and thriving on our students cheers, squeals and swoons! 
  • When the “new” school building opened in 1962, Ursuline students moved their own desks from the “old” building to the “new.” Very clever, that Order of St. Ursula!
  • America’s "Age of Innocence" ended abruptly with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Alumnae vividly recall the rooms they were in when Principal Mother Thomas Regina made the announcement over the loudspeaker.
  • The longstanding tradition of Senior - Freshman Sisters began.

Christmas formal. 1960

1960 Christmas Formal

European trip. 1967

1967 European trip

Reflections by Nancy Waters '65

Nancy Waters describes in stirring detail this decade when the Ursuline nuns still taught the great majority of subjects, students strived to earn the gold bow (the honor pin), and Barbara Heimann ’65 was crowned “Miss Teenage America.”

The societal context for these years included the Kennedys, Julia Child, and the Beatles.

We invite you to read the full transcript of Nancy’s reflections HERE.

Styles of these times

Red plaid uniform

1960 plaid

Herringbone uniform

1960 herringbone

Gym uniform

1960 gym uniform

Plaid with knee socks

1960 plaid with knee socks

Alumnae musings

One of my fondest memories was of walking side by side with Bobby Kennedy when he stopped his motorcade and got out of his car and walked up the lawn. I was in Heaven!!!  Carmela Olsen ‘65

I loved our retreats, two of which I think were in Beacon and Brewster, with Fr. Scully. He was so much fun as well as motivating and inspiring. He married everyone in my family  - a lot of weddings! 

I still think of Mother Monica and her “lethal ex-am-i-nations,” and the large sized index cards for taking notes on the books we read to properly prepare a book report. She claimed mine on Daisy Miller was longer than the book.

I loved Advent Angels and try to do it with my family and friends but they lack the element of surprise. Going to My Fair Lady and lunch at Mama Leone’s in NYC as well as concerts at Lincoln Center were highlights.   Anita Johnson ‘65

Watch a short video related to this chapter of our story

1960 European trips began

Hear Karina Gomez Verni '82 speak of the annual Junior European Trip which began in 1966.

Watch the video HERE.