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Welcome to the 1980s…a decade of expansion at Ursuline and some questionable fashion trends!

  • The Tully Family Auditorium - Gymnasium was built in 1981. That same year, the former gymnasium was converted to a Math and Computer suite quickly nicknamed “The Asylum” due to the lack of windows!
  • The Age of Computers gets personal! The first PCs came on the scene…a far cry from the laptops students carry today.
  • Typing class was still a popular elective.
  • In the absence of mobile phones, students waited in line with coins to use two pay phones on campus.
  • Argyle socks were worn with the brown plaid skirt and brown blazers until the late 80’s when the brown blazer was mercifully retired to be replaced by the navy and white URSULINE sweatshirts still worn today!

Talent Show. 1982

1982 talent show

Excellence in Education. 1985

1985 Excellence in Private Education banner

Styles of these times

Brown kilt, blazer, argyle socks

1980 brown kilt, blazer

Prom dress, Prom Queen trophy

1980 prom dress

Uniform, swim varsity jacket

1980 uniform options, swim jacket

Watch short videos related to this chapter of our story

Phone Booth & Senior Lounge

1980 phone booth

Courtney DuMond Donohue '85 asks us to imagine a time when students could only make calls at the phone booth.  She also describes the smoking lounge, outside, now used as a senior gathering space.

Watch the video HERE.

Helen Crossin-Kittle '85 skirt

Skirt of Helen Crossin-Kittle '85

Gia Caramadre Lago '85 remembers Helen Crossin-Kittle '85, a trailblazer and computer specialist.  Helen and her unborn child died in the September 11, 2001 attack.  She is the only Ursuline alumna lost on that day.

Watch the video HERE.