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It's the 90s!  Years of exciting and important developments at Ursuline and in the world, the effects of which continue to be felt today.

  • Throw out that encyclopedia… the Internet is born! The Ursuline computer lab joined the digital age and before we knew it everyone was online, forever changing life as we knew it.  And who can forget beepers and the first cell phones!
  • Ursuline students first became familiar with names that still figure prominently in our lives today, such as Clinton and Trump.  
  • Starbucks was an exciting new addition to Ursuline's neighborhood.
  • The Peer Ministry Program was founded in 1990.
  • 1996 Ursuline cheerleaders, led by Joan Brescia, launch Breast Cancer support initiatives and in 1997 establish the Breast Cancer Awareness Club at TUS. The members were called Pink Angels. 
  • Ursuline athletes shine:  Varsity Basketball and Cheerleaders win big while swimmer Lea Loveless ‘89 won both gold and bronze medals at the ‘92 Barcelona Olympics.
  • Those in the cafeteria on October 3, 1995 remember watching the verdict in the O.J. Simpson trial.
  • The dot-com era is under way!

Basketball state champs. 1993-94

1993-94 basketball champions

Centennial Class, Senior quilt. 1997

1997 Senior quilt, centennial class

Styles of these times

Cheer uniform, Think Pink gear

1990 Cheer uniform, Think Pink gear

Ring Day shirt, brown kilt. 1997

1997 Ring Day shirt, ring

Turtleneck with uniform skirt.

1990 turtleneck with uniform skirt

Watch short videos related to this chapter of our story

Blue Ribbon school. 1996

1996 Blue Ribbon award

Lisa DelPriore Hannan '81 shares how, under the leadership of Sr. JB, Ursuline received its second Blue Ribbon Award for Excellence in Education.

Watch the video HERE.

Centennial Mass. 1997

1997 Centennial Class, video

Katelin O'Rourke Gorman '97 explains how the tradition of the Senior Mass was expanded into a Centennial Mass for 1997.

Watch the video HERE.

Learning with laptops. 1998

1998 Laptops, video

Kristie '24 asks us to imagine an Ursuline without laptops, and to appreciate how current students use computers in many ways.

Watch the video HERE.