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A new century has begun…2000s

  • The construction of the Mooney Hancock Arts Center gives students the space to explore music, dance, and fine arts.
  • The Breast Cancer Awareness Club, led by the Ursuline cheerleaders, establish the Think Pink Scholarship to assist Ursuline families experiencing financial struggles due to Breast Cancer
  • Alumna Helen Crossin-Kittle ‘85 and her unborn child were killed in the 9/11 attacks. Helen, the only alumna to perish on that horrible day, was a computer specialist working on the 103rd floor at 1 World Trade Center.
  • Ursuline adopts a President - Principal leadership model in 2005. Sr JB becomes the first President of the Ursuline School and Eileen Davidson is the first lay Principal of Ursuline.
  • A new generation raised in the wake of the internet’s debut is inspired to create Teenangels, a club that raises awareness of responsible, safe internet practices.
  • In 2005 -2006, Ursuline’s middle school participated in an exchange with Ecole des Ursulines in Quebec.
  • Ursuline marks its commitment to celebrating the International Day of Peace with the installation of a Peace Pole on campus.

Style of these times

Field Day glamour

2000 Field Day glam

Khaki skort

2000 Khaki skort

Watch short videos related to this chapter of our story

Mooney Hancock Arts Center. 2002

2002 Arts Center, video

Jannett Martiena '22 recounts how the construction of the Mooney Hancock Arts Center provided an outstanding space for students to explore visual, performing, and media arts.

Watch the video HERE.

St. Angela statue, lobby. 2006

2006 St Angela statue, lobby, video

Angelica Ciminello '56 shares how the beautiful bronze sculpture by Sr. Mary Jane Robertshaw was installed at Ursuline in honor of Angelica's parents.

Watch the video HERE.

Peace Pole & pinwheels. 2007

2007 peace pole, video

Olivia '25 describes how we celebrate the International Day of Peace and display pinwheels around the Peace Pole.

Watch the video HERE.