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125th Year Video Stories

Castle crests.  Ring Day.  Senior smoking lounge.  Peace Pole.

Every nook and cranny of our history offers a fascinating story.

Take 45 seconds or even 2 minutes to watch a video narrated by an alumna or current student.


The Ursuline Sisters.

Founding of the order, the habit

Deborah Costello '68 describes the founding of the Ursulines by St. Angela and the traditional habit.

Watch the video HERE.

Ursula Laurus, the crest.

Ursula Laurus, video

Sofia '24 describes the Ursula Laurus, a crest adopted by the Ursulines of the Eastern Province.

Watch the video HERE.

Ring Day ceremony. 1940

Ring Day origins

Francesca Faustini LaGumina '78 tells of the Ring Day tradition which began in 1940.

Watch the video HERE.

Pr0vince Center Chapel. 1956

1950 Ursuline Province Center Chapel

Nancy Waters '65 recounts how the Ursuline Province Center Chapel was built in 1956 and why she loves that space.

Watch the video HERE.

Annual European trips. 1966

1960 European trips began

Hear Karina Gomez Verni '82 speak of the annual Junior European Trips which began in 1966.

Watch the video HERE.

Pay Phone & Smoking Lounge.

1980 phone booth

Courtney DuMond Donohue '85 asks us to imagine when students only made calls at the phone booth, for two coins, or went to the smoking lounge.

Watch the video HERE.

Helen Crossin -Kittle '85 skirt

Skirt of Helen Crossin-Kittle '85

Gia Caramadre Lago '85 remembers Helen Crossin-Kittle '85, a trailblazer and computer specialist.  Helen and her unborn child died in the September 11, 2001 attack.  She is the only Ursuline alumna lost on that day.

Watch the video HERE.

Blue Ribbon school. 1996

1996 Blue Ribbon award

Lisa DelPriore Hannan '81 shares how, under the leadership of Sr. JB, Ursuline received its second Blue Ribbon Award for Excellence in Education.

Watch the video HERE.

Centennial Mass. 1997

1997 Centennial Class, video

Katelin O'Rourke Gorman '97 explains how the tradition of the Senior Mass was expanded into a Centennial Mass for 1997.

Watch the video HERE.

Learning with laptops. 1998

1998 Laptops, video

Kristie '24 asks us to envision an Ursuline without laptops, and to appreciate how current students use computers in many ways.

Watch the video HERE.

Mooney Hancock Arts Center. 2002

2002 Arts Center, video

Jannett Martiena '22 recounts how the construction of the Mooney Hancock Arts Center provided an outstanding space for students to explore visual, performing, and media arts.

Watch the video HERE.

St. Angela statue. 1996

2006 St Angela statue, lobby, video

Angelica Ciminello '56 shares how the beautiful bronze sculpture by Sr. Mary Jane Robertshaw was installed at Ursuline in honor of Angelica's parents.

Watch the video HERE.

Peace Pole & pinwheels. 2007

2007 peace pole, video

Olivia '25 describes how we celebrate the International Day of Peace and display pinwheels around the Peace Pole.

Watch the video HERE.

Remembering JB. 2011

2011 Remembering JB

Nobel Peace Laureate. 2011

2011 Leymah Gbowee

Katie Mulligan '18 recalls the riveting presentation by Leymah Gbowee, one of the leaders of a non-violent protest against the brutal Liberian regime.

Watch the video HERE.

Creative Senior prank. 2015

2015 Senior prank

The Senior prank is a well-established tradition. Juliette '25 tells us about the most memorable prank.

Watch the video HERE.

Sister school exchanges. 2016

2016 Sister School Exchanges

Emma Gordon '18 describes how Ursuline developed exchange programs with Ursuline sister schools around the world.

Watch the video HERE.

Social justice learnings. 2017

Brooke talks about social justice learnings

Eileen Gilbride Mickas '85 and Brooke '28 describe how students are encouraged to seek new perspectives and better understand current events.

Watch the video HERE.

Innovation Campaign. 2019

2019 Innovation Campaign, video

Kelly MacGillivray Annunziata '07 and Christina Murphy '22 describe the exciting recent campus expansion that offers new learning and social spaces for students.

Watch the video HERE.

St. Angela, garden. 2019

St. Angela in Huvane Reflection Garden

Julia '23 tells us about the statue of St. Angela in the lovely Huvane Family Reflection Garden. The statue was originally commissioned for the College of New Rochelle.

Watch the video HERE.

Treasured grand piano. 2021

2021 Maloney piano

Isabella '25 explains how the beautiful Steinway grand piano became  a delightful addition to the Kulsar & McCarthy Lobby, thanks to the generosity of the Maloney family.

Watch the video HERE.