Exploring the dynamic and essential nature of females

Exploring the dynamic and essential nature of females

Humorous. Engaging. Interesting. Captivating. These are just a few of the words that sprang to mind when Ursuline students were asked to describe the 2024 Women's History Month presentation by Lucy Cooke, best-selling author, award-winning broadcaster, National Geographic explorer, Ted talker, and world-renowned zoologist.  

The Ursuline School community warmly welcomed Cooke who did not disappoint with her enthusiastic and often amusing take on the natural world. She quickly delved into the role of females, debunking misconceptions about male dominance and highlighting the dynamic and essential nature of females across species.

Cooke's up-close perspective on nature was revealed through stories about her adventures in the wild, which were at times brilliantly conveyed through personal photos and videos. Her storytelling underscored the essential, and sometimes surprising, role of females and the importance of biodiversity.

"I fell in love with these creatures," she said, referring to sloths that, as she explained, are very good at camouflage and officially the slowest mammals on earth. Cooke described how all species play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of our planet and noted that her childhood fascination with the natural world led her to "basically make a career out of curiosity." 

Lucy's journey, from her love of tadpoles, amphibians, and animals to a successful career in zoology, underscores the importance of pursuing your passions. She encouraged students to do what they love, work diligently, and be open to unexpected paths that could lead to success.  

An engaging student-led Q&A followed the presentation, further exploring her wide-ranging career as an international researcher, animal lover, and biologist. When a student asked her for advice on pursuing a scientific field, she replied, "Go for it!"

If you do what you love, you will work hard and become very good at it. So ask yourself, what is it that you feel passionate about? Don't listen if anyone tells you that you can't do something."

- Lucy Cooke

Her uplifting message resonated deeply in the auditorium, brimming with dreamers and doers. The presentation reminded students and teachers alike that passion and hard work know no gender boundaries. Happy Women's History Month to all! 

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