Seven Decades of Alumnae Unite at Reunion 2024

Seven Decades of Alumnae Unite at Reunion 2024

Saturday, June 1, 2024, was a fabulous day at The Ursuline School!  A great crowd of 475 alumnae, Ursuline Sisters, and past faculty returned to Ursuline for Reunion 2024. Alumnae from the tri-state area were joined by alumnae from around the country - Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and Texas, Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois, Washington and California, Rhode Island and New Hampshire - as well as London, England.

Alumnae greet each other


The Reunion liturgy was followed by the traditional presentation of two awards. The St. Angela Award was bestowed on five inspiring alumnae for exceptional loyalty and devotion to the school and for furthering the realization of the values and teachings of Serviam, the foundation of an Ursuline education:

- Florie Hanrahan Munroe-Dean ‘64

- Deborah Costello ‘68

- Susan McGoey ‘73

- Kathleen McCloskey Zanger ‘74

- Leslie Deich ‘79


The St. Ursula Award was presented to seven alumnae who bring honor to themselves and to The Ursuline School through distinctive achievement in their careers:

- Maura McInerney ‘79

- Jean M. McLoughlin ‘84

- Liz Healy ‘94 P’29

- Jaime Cavallo ‘98

- Monica Singla Sharma ‘99 P’29

- Megan Noonan Schneider ‘99

- Antonia Demarinis Sontag ‘03

St Angela & St Ursula awardees with Dr. Melnyk, Reunion 2024


Dr. Melnyk also presented a new award.  The Cor Ursulinae Award for Excellence and Achievement. This new distinction was created to recognize special individuals who embody the spirit of The Ursuline School through their unwavering dedication, selflessness, and commitment to service, both within the school community and beyond.

Recipients of this award:

  • Show exemplary dedication by consistently going above and beyond in their service to Ursuline, contributing their time, talents, and resources to improve the lives of others.
  • Have a generous spirit, willingly giving of themselves to support the needs of The Ursuline School community.
  • Actively engage and help build community, enriching the Ursuline experience for students, families and alumnae alike.
  • Have had a significant and lasting impact on the community, with their leadership inspiring others to live the Ursuline values of integrity, compassion, and service.
Cathy Fay McCarthy '84 P'14, inaugural recipient of Cor Ursulinae Award for Excellence & Achievement, Reunion 2024

Dr. Melnyk proudly presented the first Cor Ursulinae Award to Catherine Fay McCarthy ‘84 P’14, our Director of Philanthropy. 

Dr. Melnyk said, “As Cathy leaves her current role at the end of the summer, her accomplishments cannot go without acknowledgement and an expression of sincere gratitude. Her remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication in service to The Ursuline School will inspire others to strive for excellence and make a positive impact on their communities.

The Cor Ursulinae Award honors Cathy for her exceptional contributions and her enduring commitment to The Ursuline School.  She serves as a role model for current and future generations, exemplifying the transformative power of an Ursuline education. We look forward to all the ways she will continue to share her gifts within the school community and beyond.”

In addition to award celebrations, members of the Classes ending in 3, 4, 8 and 9 enjoyed reconnecting over cocktails on the JB Commons and taking their class photos on the Ring Day steps.

Several current and retired faculty and staff, and Ursuline Sisters, were in attendance to greet alumnae. Dinner conversations included numerous toasts and cheers followed by dancing and countless selfies.


Many happy faces at Reunion 2024


Besides connecting and reconnecting, alumnae at Reunion demonstrated their financial support for Ursuline. They contributed over $16,000 to the Alumnae Association Scholarship and nearly $54,000 for the TR Scholarship. Their generosity and belief in the Ursuline mission are defining traits of these classes.

We thank the Advancement team, particularly Maureen Corbett, for organizing this marvelous event at which alumnae created new Ursuline memories. Ac fui!

Classmates enjoy Reunion 2024


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