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Technology Vision

The educational culture within the school, at the levels of administration, faculty and students, promotes technology as a critical element in the learning process.

Learning spaces are flexible learning environments that seamlessly integrate technology to enhance student engagement and learning.

Students collaborate, publish and interact with peers, experts and other audiences around the world.

Adaptive learning technologies adapt to each student’s progress and adjust content in real time or provide customized exercises when needed.

Teachers use data across class users to provide personalized instruction and gather insights into the design and adaptation of curricula.

Students are engaged in creative, high-order problem solving through hands-on design, construction and iteration in a MakerSpace.

Every student has the opportunity to learn computer programming.

Through the use of virtual reality immersive experiences, students gain perspective on large-scale global issues and are exposed to places they may not be able to visit otherwise.

Through ongoing professional development, teachers acquire the knowledge and skills needed to engage students in exploring real-world issues using a variety of digital tools and resources to solve authentic problems. 

All members of the school community use technology and the Internet in a responsible way.


Director of Technology Integration
Edwinna Lucyk

Mrs. Edwinna Lucyk has held the position of Director of Technology Integration at The Ursuline School since 2010, and worked as a technology teacher at Ursuline from 1998 to 2010.

In her present role, Mrs. Lucyk empowers Usuline's teachers to engage students and improve learning through technology. To achieve this goal, she provides leadership, assistance and mentoring to teachers on integrating technology into curriculum. She also helps them create different forms of teaching and learning using technology.

Mrs. Lucyk plays a leadership role on technology in the classroom, introducing teachers to new technology, consulting with them on selecting and applying appropriate resources, as well as demonstrating best practices for technology use. Mrs. Lucyk's work is an integral part of providing Usruline's students with the 21st century skills they need to succeed in our global and interconnected world.

Mrs. Lucyk has been active outside the classroom as well. In 2006, at the request of Mrs. Davidson, Mrs. Lucyk founded Ursuline's chapter of Teenangels, a nationwide program of specially trained teens who promote Internet safety and cyberbullying awareness and prevention.

Prior to teaching at Ursuline, Mrs. Lucyk spent years in the corporate world as a programmer/analyst and as a trainer. She holds a Bachelor's in Mathematics from Fordham University and a Master's in Computer Science from Polytechnic University. Mrs. Lucyk also holds a permanent Teacher Certification from New York State.