All-girls advantage cultivates essential skills.

Beyond the traditional classroom, Ursuline students question, explore, and excel.

Students embrace the power of learning by doing at The Ursuline School.

The research is clear. Attending an all-girls, private, independent school best prepares young women for academic and personal success. In short, girls benefit when they learn together.

The Ursuline School takes the all-girls advantage personally and has over 125 years of excellence to prove it. As president Dr. Colleen Melnyk puts it, “All-girls is the most effective learning environment for cultivating intuitive thinking and experiential learning among female adolescents. With that in mind, we prepare students to meet the increasing demands of higher education and the workforce by emphasizing four essential skills: leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, and effective communication.”

“All-girls is the most effective learning environment for cultivating intuitive thinking and experiential learning among female adolescents."

- Dr. Colleen Melnyk, President

This year, there are three innovative program offerings at the school where intuition and experience converge, empowering girls in grades 6-12 to develop in-demand skills in emerging areas through hands-on learning. Students are finding their voice and transforming their passions into marketable skills in entrepreneurship, finance, and STEM. Melnyk adds, “Our results shine through in the faces and voices of our students.”

Case in point. 

Student listen to presentation

Ursuline students pack the auditorium to learn more about cutting-edge course offerings in business, leadership, and the school’s Lab for Financial Markets and Literacy.


On September 27, senior Maeve Ryan, a spring ‘23 grad of the mini-MBA program Girls with Impact (GWI) at Ursuline, presented to a captive group of fellow students who aspire to careers in business. “Over ten weeks,” Ryan explained. “I learned how to complete a SWOT analysis, brand perception maps, and customer personas. I am so proud and humbled to say I have my own business.” When asked to describe her biggest takeaway, she doesn’t hesitate. “Don’t be afraid,” she replies. 

Maeve Ryan delivers speech

Senior Maeve Ryan describes starting her own business as part of Ursuline’s Girls with Impact program.


The program, provided through the generosity of a Ursuline alum, introduces students to a live, online entrepreneurship program developed by Harvard leaders. Its goal is to equip girls with the skills and confidence needed to become the innovators of tomorrow. Throughout the program, students collaborate in small groups with teenage girls from coast to coast. A dedicated business coach and mentor helps them launch their dream entrepreneurial projects while providing feedback and networking opportunities. 

Ryan marvels at the impact of her experience. “My Ursuline education has opened up so many doors for me, especially the Girls with Impact program, which has helped me become a strong, confident young woman,” she raves. 

Her enthusiasm is infectious, but it’s not uncommon. 

“My Ursuline education has opened up so many doors for me!"

- Maeve Ryan '24
Students working with Bloomberg terminal

Students research stocks, execute trades, and develop practical, marketable skills in Ursuline’s JoAnn Murphy Financial Lab for Markets & Literacy.


Sophomore Adriana King completed the GWI program last spring while getting her Bloomberg certification through Ursuline’s JoAnn Murphy Financial Lab for Markets & Literacy. The Lab, the first-of-its-kind, is Ursuline’s response to gender inequality in finance. It covers concepts from personal financial planning to the inner workings of global markets, wherein students learn to research stocks, execute trades, and master practical skills for college life and beyond. The Lab echoes the laughter of discovery as students share the thrill of exploration and the quiet confidence of learning and growing together in a collaborative all-girls environment. 

Sophomore Adriana King completed the Girls with Impact program and earned her Bloomberg certification.


King reflects on her experience with a smile. “I learned how to make my voice heard here,” she explains. “Ursuline has been so helpful and supportive. There’s no judgment. If you want to continue to challenge yourself and grow, you’re in the right place.” 

If you want to continue to challenge yourself and grow, you’re in the right place.” 

- Adriana King '26

Students in grades 9-12 can complete their Bloomberg certification before graduation.


The Lab also provides students enviable access to Ursuline’s Bloomberg Terminal, a privilege extended to only a few high schools nationwide. This powerful tool sets the industry standard for market analysis. High school students can earn Bloomberg certification, a valuable credential broadly acknowledged among colleges, universities, and businesses. Bloomberg certification gives business-minded students an uncommon advantage in an increasingly competitive college application pool. 

The Ursuline School succeeds in helping students become active participants in their own educational journeys. “The sky’s the limit,” says STEAM & Innovative Design Coordinator Raquel Floro ‘10, and instructor of Ursuline’s new Foundations of Aerial Technology course, which includes preparation for FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot testing and certification. This course is the latest in Ursuline’s ongoing effort to prepare students for rapidly emerging industries.

Ursuline schools worldwide are united in their mission to educate girls and empower them to use their God-given gifts and talents to better the world. “This course will bring value to our students and further our efforts in keeping Ursuline ahead of the curve with innovative programs that set our students apart, showcase their diverse skill sets, and prepare them for careers in STEM & STEAM,” says Floro. She finds that her course appeals to students eyeing futures in physics, engineering, mathematics, and computer science.

Year after year, Ursuline students explore and then exceed their own boundaries en route to becoming wise, active, and globally-minded leaders well-prepared for college life and beyond. For more information about the enduring value of an Ursuline education, explore our school website or call Director of Admissions Erin Johnston at 914-500-6212. To learn more about the research that supports an all-girls education, visit The International Coalition of Girls' Schools.

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