College & Academic Counseling

The College & Academic Counseling Department guides and supports each student through the college selection process. The goal is to develop a college list that matches the student’s educational, social, geographic, and financial needs.

Our primary mission is helping each student find the right “college fit” where she can continue to be challenged intellectually, develop her talents and interests both inside and outside the classroom, and assume leadership positions in the college setting.

In this process, students are encouraged to think critically, advocate for themselves and take responsibility for their actions and decisions.

The college counseling staff works with students in college counseling classes starting in freshwoman year and through individually scheduled meetings, most especially in junior and senior years. 

Yearly parent meetings are held for each grade level with the college counseling staff. Students and parents are given access to Naviance, an informative, easy to use website where students and parents can research colleges and gather current information about college decisions for past graduates of The Ursuline School.

The colleges to which our students are ultimately accepted and attend are reflective of the myriad talents and interests of our student body.