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Global Studies

Global Conerns event

Our global education curriculum includes courses that explore the language, culture, literature, and history of countries around the world. Those courses are described in their departments, World Languages and Social Studies. In addition, students have opportunities to develop a global perspective in religious studies courses and the arts.

One elective class explicitly seeks to raise awareness about current international, humanitarian issues and empowers students to take action to create positive change in the world.

Global Concerns Seminar

Taking current world issues into consideration, the students in this course develop their own responses and solutions as they engage in in-depth discussions and research. Part project based and part Socratic seminar, students are guided by the curriculum expectations of Global Concerns Classroom, a global education program in which Ursuline participated from 2015 – 2017. Global Concerns Classroom was a curriculum-based learning and unique out-of-the-classroom experience pioneered by Concern Worldwide, a global humanitarian organization focused on the world’s most vulnerable.

Available to grades 10-12; Semester
May be taken multiple years