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Ms. Meechan and Desmos platform

Ms. Meechan's middle school students enjoyed figuring out how to park the most cars in the lot, using the DESMOS online graphing platform.

Roller coaster designs

Mr. Sallah guides students as they design paper roller coasters with required angles.

Math Spheros in 7th grade

7th grade math students choose a speed for their Spheros robot.

Math Breakout

Math students try to Breakout of the box by solving math puzzles.

Geometry distance learning

Distance Learning - Ms. Vallar’s Geometry students studied inverse trig ratios. Ms. Vallar used SMART Technologies Notebook to share her screen and write on the slides during their Google Meet class.

Algebra remotely

Distance Learning - Mrs. Barnett's 10th grade Algebra 2 class worked on Polynomial and Rational Functions.