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World Languages

Skype with Italy

Classes often Skype with other parts of the world; here Mrs. Zoida-Fragale and students connect with Mrs. LaGumina in Italy.

French Skit

Mrs. Brescia's French students wrote and performed a skit about lunch at a Parisian cafe.

Spanish class visit Machu Picchu

Spanish students explored the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu via Google Expeditions.

Displacement topic

Spanish AP students presented their research on global displacement, one of our global issues of concern.

Italian & Art Collaboration

Sometimes departments collaborate. Mrs. LaGumina's Italian class enjoyed time with Art Dept Chair Ms. Quartaro to learn about Italian frescos.

Puerto Rico

Mr. Guaba's Spanish 1 class researched Spanish-speaking countries.

Thanks to the initiative of our Italian studies faculty, the Italian Department has been awarded several grants.  One grant made possible interactive performances by the award-winning theatrical company Incanto Productions. In October, 2021, students of Italian learned the history of the folk dance, the “Tarantella.” In May, 2022, students were delighted with the performance "Treasure Hunt," that revolved around the treasures of Italy: a journey through history, art, poetry and music, shown below.

Incanto Productions shows 2021-22 GIF