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Distance Learning, Spirit

Virtual Spirit Week 2020

Nothing will stop Spirit Week and the battle of the blue and gold, not even social distancing!

The annual week of special activities and school spirit involves the whole student body and faculty/staff.  It ends with friendly competition between the Blue Team and Gold Team on Field Day. The winning team is awarded with a trophy.

This year, in early April, Student Body Co-Presidents Alexa '20 and Gianna '20 introduced "Virtual Spirit Week" to students, teachers, and staff! Each day of the week featured a fun theme. Videos or photos of the day's competitive activity were emailed to judges Alexa and Gianna.  It was lots of fun as we adapted to these unprecedented times.

Spirit Week, Muscular Monday

Who can do the most push ups?

And the winner of Day 1 of Virtual Field Day 2020 is...
Kristen Bauer ‘20 completed 30 push ups!  Way to go Kristen and Blue Team!



Spirit Week, Tik Tok Tuesday

Virtual Field Day #2 was Tik Tok Tuesday where the girls performed Lottery by K Camp better known as the Renegade dance!

The top four TikTokers are Nina '26 and Kelly '25 for the Blue Team and Kayla-Ann '22 and Faith '25 for the Gold Team.



Spirit Week, Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday certainly lived up to its name!
We ♥️ everyone's submissions & it was extremely hard for us to pick just one!

Today's winner is Millicent '22 from the Gold Team!
Her outfit was certainly the wackiest & most unique outfit and accessories were certainly very wacky! 


Heading into Day 4 of Virtual Field Day, the score is now tied at 2-2

Spirit Week, Tumble Thursday

Virtual Field Day had Ursuline spinning on "Tumble Thursday" where participants attempted to complete the most cartwheels.
While Mr. Lorden's 1 cartwheel was award-winning for the Blue Team, the real winner was Reese '26 of the Gold Team, who did an amazing 297 cartwheels!


The score after today's competition is Gold 3, Blue 2!

Spirit Week, Spirit Friday

Day 5 of Virtual Field Day... Spirit Friday: Who Can Draw the Best Koala!

We have a three-way tie with Maria ‘20, Alyssa ‘22, and Aaliyah ‘20 all of the Blue Team leading their team to the victory!! All submissions were amazing and creative and we loved each and every one and are so proud of our Koalas for their spirit and team pride!


Since Field Day is now a 3-3 tie, on Monday, we will have a tie-breaker competition. Thank you to all who have participated in "Field Day" and we can't wait to see who comes out on top after the tie-breaker!

Spirit Week, Tie-breaker

Door decorating! The challenge was to gather materials from around your houses such as paper, markers, wrapping paper, and any other decorations to show off your team color spirit!

Maya ’20 is the winner for the door decorating competition.


The Virtual Field Day results are in and…

THE WINNER IS THE BLUE TEAM!!!!! Way to go Blue!



We are so grateful for the community that Ursuline has continued to embody through these hard times,

and we hope to see you all very soon!

Stay safe and healthy :)  Alexa and Gianna