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Global Scholars Program

As part of The Ursuline Education Network (UEN), The Ursuline School co-developed and now offers a Global Scholars Program for high school students who successfully demonstrate a strong interest in global citizenship, knowledge and advocacy of world issues, and a significant commitment of Serviam.

Class of 2017, Global Scholars     


The Global Scholars Program reinforces The Ursuline School’s long-term commitment to excellent global education learning opportunities for its students, in an increasingly diverse and multi-cultural world.  The Global Scholars Program is built on our Catholic teachings that we are all connected by a shared humanity. Pictured here are Class of 2018 Global Scholars.

To receive Global Scholars distinction upon graduation, Ursuline students are required to complete the following throughout high school:

  • World Languages - At least four years of a world language at the high school level.
  • Global Courses - At least four (4) courses with a global focus, for example: World History, World Geography, Business Economics, World Literature, World Religions, Art History.
  • Global Seminar Course - At leas one (1) semester of Ursuline's Global Seminar elective course. 
  • Extracurricular Activities with a Global Focus - Leadership and participation in at least four (4) clubs/conferences with a global focus for example: Cultural Clubs, Global Conferences, Model U.N., Diversity Summit, Women's leadership conferences and programs.
  • Cultural Literacy Reflections - Eight (8) independent cultural reflections including at least four (4) global books. Additional reflections may include global art exhibits, film documentaries, global music experiences, museum visits etc.
  • Travel/Hosting Experience - At least one (1) international shared travel experience for example: student travel abroad or participation in an exchange program with an Ursuline "sister" school (either hosting a student or traveling).
  • Community Service/Advocacy of a Global Issue - A total of 30 hours of community service, with some hours centered on advocacy of student's declared, independent Global Issue of Concern.  
  • Capstone Research Project - Completion of an independent, written research paper on student's declared, independent Global Issue of Concern. This experience will culminate with an oral presentation to select Administration and Faculty Committee in the spring of the candidate's Senior year.


Global Scholars 2018

Class of 2018, Global Scholars

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