The Gabelli Library serves as the information center of the school. In collaboration with classroom teachers, we aim to foster a life-long love of reading and learning, the development of critical thinking, and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing informational sources and requirements.

The  Gabelli Library is open from 7am - 4pm and serves grades 6-12. The present collection houses over 7,000 books (fiction and non-fiction), and a selection of magazines and newspapers. Students and faculty also have access to a sizeable collection of e-books and audio-books through our membership in the SWBOCES Overdrive program.

Our library is part of NOVEL, a state-wide virtual library. School-wide and remote access to a number of academic subscription databases is available 24/7 via the school virtual learning environment, MOODLE. The Ursuline School community is thereby able to connect to these resources on their laptops and on the 4 desktop computers in the library. Printing and photocopying facilites are also available.

In accordance with The Ursuline School's commitment to academic excellence in a student-centered atmosphere, the library collects, organizes, and facilitates access to information resources. The librarians also provide instruction in the use of traditional and new information technologies to enrich and support the curriculum.

The library was renovated in 1981 thanks to the generosity of the Gabelli family. In 2013, the Collaborative Learning Center was built as the Senior Class Gift. This new space offers students a useful area for working on group projects.

In fall 2014, a major renovation of the Gabelli Library was initiated and by September 2015 the library was transformed with new furniture and improved wireless connection. In addition, two more collaborative learning areas were installed. A new Art Exhibit space and the more modern design make for a vibrant learning environment. The renovation was made possible by means of generous grants from the Gabelli family and the H.W. Wilson Foundation.


Mrs. Kathy Freeman (Library Director)
Ms. Victoria Messana '11 (Librarian)

"Nobody graduated from a library. Nobody graduated without one." -Anonymous