Ursuline students are required to complete 24 units for graduation.

MOODLE is the learning management system used by all teachers and every student.


Students must successfully complete a minimum of 24 units in order to graduate from The Ursuline School. Of the 24 units, the following 20.5 units must be taken in the following areas:

Religious Studies = 2 units (.5 units per year)

English = 4 units

Social Studies = 4 units

Mathematics = 3 units

Latin/World Language = 3 units or Level 3 of one Language

Science = 3 units

Art/Music = 1 unit

Computer Science = .5 unit

Physical Education must be taken in 9th grade and then one semester anytime in grades 10-12.

Remaining units are earned through elective courses in art, classics, English, world languages, mathematics, science, computer science, and/or social studies.

A lack of sufficient enrollment may necessitate the cancellation of a course.


1.8 - Advanced Placement Course (College course)

1.6 - Honors Course

1.5 - College Preparatory Advanced Course

1.4 - College Preparatory Course


Ursuline has made a strategic investment in a learning management system that facilitates 21st century learning – MOODLE.

MOODLE allows teachers to provide students with access to web based teaching and learning materials such as lecture notes, links to useful websites such as Google Apps for Education, and Evernote. Further, MOODLE provides access to learning activities such as assignments, discussion forums, and other interactive activities integrated directly into the tool. Examples include VoiceThread and Visual Thesaurus.

MOODLE is an acronym for Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment and there are 83,016 currently active sites registered from 236 countries throughout the world. One of the significant benefits of utilizing MOODLE is that all Ursuline students, as early as the 6th grade, become expert in interacting with a virtual learning environment that they will encounter in college.