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Global Issues 2020

We present the global topics and

summary statements of our Global Scholars 2020.


Violette Cadet
Mass Incarceration

"My Capstone Research project is focused on mass incarceration in countries with a history of extreme racism, specifically, South Africa and the United States. Prisons are found in every country, but by understanding the  biases which lead people to prison, we can better understand how to repair the broken prison system."


Sofia Damiano   
The Integration of Syrian Refugees into European Countries

"The focus of my Capstone Research project is on the education and integration of refugees from Syria. Inspiration to research this topic came from the 2019 Global Symposium speaker, Loung Ung, Ursuline's topic of Global Displacement, and my involvement with the Ursuline club chapter of Amnesty International."


Mairead Donnelly 
Economic Inclusion of Women in the Middle East & Africa

"The focus of my Capstone Research project is the gender gap in the economic world, as women work very hard to fight for economic inclusion.  In the Middle East and Africa, women face social and legal barriers to gaining economic inclusion in their societies. Laws prohibit women from having control over their own finances, by prohibiting them from actions such as working or opening their own bank accounts. Many women who do get the opportunity to work and gain money must give their earned money over to the control of their husbands or fathers." 


Gabryel Grey 
Poverty in Latin American Countries

"My Capstone Research project is focused on poverty in Latin American countries. My family is from the Central American country of Costa Rica, and my great grandmother lives in the province of Limon.  In Limon, there is a huge ghetto where many young and even old people are likely to be killed, mugged or raped.  My recent visit and volunteer work at a soup kitchen there inspired me to focus on the huge global issue of poverty in Central America."


Isabella Joyce 
The Global Refugee Crisis

"The focus of my Capstone Research project is on the global refugee crisis.  This global issue is currently impacting many different countries such as Syria, Sudan, and Latin America."


Samantha Mitze 
Access to Maternal Healthcare in Sierra Leone & the U.S.

"Sierra Leone has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world and the United States has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the developed world.  The lack of health care services regarding maternal mortality has a serious impact on women in both countries.  Improving the issue of maternal mortality is not only essential to the status of women globally but ensuring proper access to all necessary healthcare is in accordance with Catholic beliefs."


Sara Taylor  
Financial Literacy

"My Global Scholars Capstone research project focuses on financial literacy rates, comparing the literacy rates of first world and developing nations. People of color and women are groups within the global population that tend to be the most illiterate. As both a woman and a person of color, I am  part of two marginalized communities, and attending The Ursuline School has instilled in me a keen awareness of the value of education."


Leah Varghese   
The Effects of Period Poverty on Female Access to Education

"My Capstone Research project focuses on the lack of knowledge and resources for menstrual hygiene available to women in disadvantaged countries (India and South Africa), and how it adversely impacts their education and ability to grow and prosper as independent individuals. Menstrual hygiene and its impact on women's education are rarely spoken of because it makes people uncomfortable. This issue continues to prevent many girls around the world from getting a quality education or the life skills needed to be independent and reach their full potentials."


Maya Zamor 

"My Capstone Research project is on overpopulation which is a global issue that affects citizens in many countries around the world.  International policies and future generations must address this problem and deal with its consequences within ethical guidelines."