5 Reasons to Choose Ursuline Middle School 

We help girls in grades 6-8 discover their God-given gifts and then help them to develop the tools they need to use them.


What’s at the Heart of Ursuline Middle School

With an early focus on scholarship, leadership, and service, our middle school students are well-positioned to meet the challenges of high school having found the self-confidence to achieve and excel as Ursuline middle schoolers. While there are many reasons to choose Ursuline Middle School, here are five things at the heart of a middle school education, the Ursuline way.

1- Dedicated Faculty & Staff

Loving and supportive educators work tirelessly to help each student reach her full potential. Ursuline teachers understand how girls learn and are invested in student success. Many middle school faculty members also teach at the high school level. This way, they get to know each student's individual strengths and needs, preparing them for the rigors of high school.

2- Well-rounded Girl-centered Curriculum 

Life skills along with a careful balance of arts and humanities, history and STEM, literature and languages enable our students to recognize their strengths early on. Middle school students also benefit from involvement with the high school, participating in academically enriching school-wide projects and treasured annual traditions that are uniquely Ursuline. 

3- Robust Student Life Programming 

Dynamic opportunities across clubs, student government and athletics beginning as early as grade 6. Student life for our middle schoolers is friend-forming, leadership-training, collaborative, team-based fun! An exhaustive list of club offerings and middle school sports programs that are instructional and inclusive allow for widespread participation. 

4- Outstanding Music & Fine Arts Offerings

At Ursuline, girls take center stage. Our Arts building alone, which houses a 300-seat theater, fully-equipped television studio, dance studio, and media arts center, is a 21st century treasure that middle school students enjoy from their very first day at school. Middle schoolers actively engage in the Arts in the classroom and by participating in our generous extra-curricular and after-school programming in visual art, singing, music, dance, and acting.

5- Introduction to Serviam

The Ursuline School motto is Serviam, which means “I will serve.” Middle school students are guided to develop a sense of social responsibility, empathy, and awareness of the difficulties faced by those living on the margins in our own community and around the world. It’s truly beautiful to see our young students develop a curiosity about the world around them and then work collaboratively in service to others beginning as early as grade 6.

Ursuline has been my dream school since I was in the 4th grade!"

- Kate '26