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Athletics Core Values

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The Ursuline School Athletics Department encourages our student athletes to speak their minds and represent what they think being an Ursuline athlete means.

In 2020, we asked our own student athletes to pick five words that they feel exemplify what it means to be an Ursuline athlete, spelling out the word K.O.A.L.A.S. The results were made into our Koala Core values and represent our athletic mission. 

                           K: Kindness- Be the person who makes everyone feel like a somebody. 

                           O: Optimistic- Seeing the good when the odds are against you.

                           A: Accountability-  The action is secondary, owning it is primary

                           L: Leader- It is not a position or a title, but an action and example

                           A: Ambition- "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"- Wayne Gretzky

                           S: Serviam- Our Rule

Core Values