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Concussion Management Protocol

Understanding head injuries is still an inexact science; the CDC describes a concussion as a "traumatic brain injury that comes from a blow to the head." Most concussions occur without a loss of consciousness and simply are not as plainly obvious as a bad broken bone or sprain. Eliminating concussions is next to impossible; in contact sports, injuries of all sorts are inevitable. That makes recognizing head injuries, treating them, and ensuring an athlete is fully healed before she returns to the field is absolutely critical.

It is the policy of The Ursuline School to ensure that students who have suffered traumatic brain injury (concussion injury) receive support and services necessary to remain safe, and to the best extent possible, maintain their baseline health status during the school year.

The Ursuline School policy regarding athletic concussion protocol is outlined here.

New York State Public High School Athletic Association has established a Concussion Information Sheet for Students and Parents which can be viewed here.