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Section One Information

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We compete in the public high school athletics association (New York State Public High School Athletic Association, NYSPHSAA).

Eligibility rules are set by New York State.

Please take note of the considerations listed below, such as the Transfer Rule, as found in the NYSPHSAA Handbook.

Although the Ursuline School is a private school, we compete in the New York State Public High School Athletics Association (NYSPHSAA) in Section One Athletics. This allows us the advantage of tougher competition and more opportunities for our student athletes to achieve success.

In being a part of NYSPHSAA Section One, Ursuline must follow all of the eligibility rules and all bylaws set forth by New York State.

Below are the top considerations suggested by the NYSPHSAA that could affect an athlete's eligibility to play. Also HERE  is the link to the full NYSPHSAA Handbook with all information about New York State Public High School Athletics.

1) Transfer Rule - Pg. 47

2) Health Examination - Pg. 119

3) Representation Rule - Pg. 42

4) Amateur Status - Pg. 26

5) Age Requirements - Pg. 26

6) Sportsmanship - Pg. 44

7) Practice Sessions - Pg. 40