Athletic Placement Process (APP)

Please be advised that APP tests are mandatory for 7th or 8th graders who wish to participate at a JV or Varsity level. 

Any 7th or 8th grade student wishing to try out for a JV or Varsity team must first complete and successfully pass the Athletic Placement Process as described in this document.  The APP is aimed at the few, select students who can benefit from such placement because of their level of readiness.    

The student-athlete will only have to repeat the APP test if they are trying out for a higher level (eg. Varsity or JV).  If a student-athlete passed as a 7th grader for Varsity, they don’t need to complete the test again.  If a student-athlete was in 7th grade and played on JV but is now trying out for Varsity as an 8th grader, they would need to retake the test for only the components where the scores weren’t met as a 7th grader.  


  1. Parent/Guardian signed approval- The process for Athletic Placement of a student will start when a request form is filled out and submitted by a parent/guardian to the Athletic Director. (Appendix B)
  2. Medical Clearance- A valid physical must be submitted to the Athletic Department office.  This must be completed BEFORE the physical fitness portion of the process. (Appendix C)
  3. Physical Fitness Testing- Student-athlete must complete and pass all 4 components administered at the exam (shuttle run, sit ups, pushups, and mile run/500 yard swim). 
    a.  All 4 components will be tested on that day and she will have two chances to try to be successful. 
    b.  If, and only if, a student-athlete has passed 2 out of the 4 components will they be allowed to take part in a retake of the components that are lacking.  If the student-athlete passes one or less, they will not be eligible for an additional retake day.

APP Winter Testing Dates:

THU OCT 19 | 3:15 p.m. | Turf Field

WED OCT 25 | 3:15 p.m. | Turf Field

On your testing day, please wear comfortable clothes and sneakers and bring a water bottle.