Professional Photographs

Our official school photographer is Chris Pope.  Many of the photos on this website were taken by Chris.  He also photographs our major school functions.  If you are interested in viewing and purchasing photographs by Chris Pope, please visit his website

Chris Pope takes the student ID photos at Orientations at no cost to families. The ID picture will also be used in the 2019-20 yearbook. We do ask that each student fill out the Photo Form with 3 items:

  1. Her name,
  2. Her grade level faculty assignment (as listed on the student schedule distributed at Orientation), for example, 6A, 9D, etc.)
  3. Her class year.

Your daughter is asked to bring the Form when she sits for her photo.  If you would like to order photos for your family, please fill out the top part of the Form and send a check or cash payment with your daughter at Orientation. The 2019-20 form can be downloaded HERE