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Class of 2019 College Stories

The 180 members of the Class of 2019 are attending 87 different colleges and universities in 22 states. 
These students earned $28.5 million in college scholarships.

Meet some of the members of the Class of 2019.

Click below to read more about this group of Ursuline alumnae, Class of 2019.

Samantha Caraballo '19

"My experience at Ursuline has truly shaped me into the person that I am today. Throughout my seven years at Ursuline I was inspired to work hard and never give up. Ursuline’s motto, Serviam, has been imbedded in me and is now a daily part of my life. When it came time to choose the college that I wanted to attend, I made sure to choose a school where I could continue to pursue my academic interests and carry out Serviam. I’ll be attending Providence College and am considering math and computer science or finance major.

  My experience at Ursuline was amazing. I received a great education and met so many wonderful people who have had such a positive impact on my life. The Ursuline community felt like a sisterhood to me and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to be a part of it."

Christiana Corporon '19



"Throughout my years at Ursuline, I became fascinated with political and government related studies which made me realize I wanted to attend college in DC. I will start this fall in the Columbian College of Arts & Sciences at GW and plan to major in Political Science or Journalism. I also knew I wanted to find a school where the value of Serviam was as prominent in the school community as it was at Ursuline. One of the first things that happens at GW is the Day of Service where our entire class will give back across DC, whether planting gardens or painting schools. While I’m not completely sure the career path I would like to take yet, I know in some way I would like to be able to give back to my community and help others through my job no matter what profession I decide. Ursuline has shaped me into the woman I am today.”

Adriana de la Guardia '19

"I'm part of my college's James Monroe Scholars program which highlights exceptional applicants within diverse fields. By being a Monroe, you get preferred housing, priority registration, and guaranteed common core curriculum lecture style classes by preference. Also you're given access to additional guidance departments and academic support resources. The James Monroe Scholars program is a unique and small group of less than 10% of undergraduates. In addition to priority registration and housing, scholars also have access to $3,000 in research grants to be used the summer after their sophomore or junior years. Similarly, as a freshman, there is an option to apply for additional grants for research to take place the summer after freshman year.

I will be studying Engineering Physics and Applied Design and want to become an architectural engineer in the field of urban planning or within the theme park structure. My ultimate dream would be to work for the Walt Disney Imagineering company and earn my position through their annual college Imaginations project which guarantees such a career. 

Ursuline introduced me to my love of Physics and Art. Through teachers like Mr. Green, Mrs. Barkovitz, and Ms. Vasile, I developed a critical thinking and scientific background, with  attention to detail and the ability to apply that through artistic means.”

Riley Del Priore '19

"My long term career goal is to use my degree in computer science to start my own tech business in which I can develop and release my own programs. I hope to create and release something that can help people across the world. 

Ursuline introduced me to computer science and through amazing teaching it quickly became my favorite subject and passion in life. Throughout my time at Ursuline my teachers, faculty and administration constantly empowered me to follow my dreams and make my mark on the world. Without this encouragement I would not have had the courage to create my own path in a predominantly male career."

Lily Flynn '19


I am the recipient of an athletic scholarship for the Women's Cross Country and Track and Field Team at Stanford University. Since Ursuline instilled in me the passion to reach my fullest potential, as I start my journey at Stanford, I intend to choose a major and a career - possibly in computer science or economics - that requires me to always be a diligent and driven student. I also hope that this determination transfers to my time on the track team where each and every day I will strive to achieve all the goals that I set for myself.

My Ursuline education was extremely rigorous and always challenged me to think outside the box. It also encouraged me to not doubt my talents and abilities and to instead be confident in all my endeavors. In fact, having an Ursuline education as a foundation when applying to colleges enabled me to stay confident that whatever I put my mind to, now and in the future, would be possible with hard work.  

And although Stanford is not a Catholic university, I will forever keep faith at the center of my life, participating in the Catholic activities that happen on campus and continuing to thank God for the many blessings that I have been given in life. Ursuline will always hold a special place in my heart and the memories I’ve created will last a lifetime.”

Sarah Flynn '19


"After my academic and spiritual journey at Ursuline, I knew I had to choose a school where I would continue to develop my spiritual being while also being challenged in the classroom and on the track. I will be attending Boston College as the recipient of an athletic scholarship for the Women's Cross Country and Track and Field Team, and plan on majoring in Finance or Marketing in the Carroll School of Management. In my future career, I picture myself leading, working, or helping others while always keeping my values and opinions close at heart. 

Ursuline taught me the importance of being a strong, faithful, and educated young woman, and truly helped me become the woman I am today. I was challenged from the moment I stepped through the front doors as a freshman to the moment I walked across the stage to receive my diploma. While I know I will miss the teachers, community, and athletics at Ursuline, I am convinced that I will be set for life because of the amazing education I received. Future koalas are truly lucky!” 

Jena Guilfoyle '19

"My  Ursuline education has influenced my choice of college because I wanted a school that was just as focused on Serviam and one that was committed to its students’ success. Through Serviam, Ursuline has taught me to always give back and serve the world selflessly. Scranton has many opportunities for me to take what TUS has taught me into the world. At Scranton, I will be majoring in history, a subject that I have grown to love and learn about because of the History department at Ursuline. The history teachers are committed to students’ success and have deepened my understanding of the subject. In the future, I am planning on being an FBI agent or a lawyer. 

 Ursuline has shaped my career with the Peer Leadership program. I was a Peer Leader for my junior and senior years of high school. With this program I was able to learn how to help and be there for others. I was also taught to always be your best self towards others.

  Ursuline has educated, inspired, and empowered me to always give back, to stand up for others and to always do what is right for yourself and others. Choosing Ursuline was one of the best decisions of my life. Ursuline is committed to giving its students the best both academically and athletically. Students are pushed to be their best. Ursuline will always be my second home."

Alexandria Ivanov '19

"My Ursuline education influenced my decision to attend St. John's University because it aligns with the focus on Serviam and global awareness.  My study of Latin at Ursuline fostered my love for linguistics which led me to my future career. I am enrolled in the University Honors Program at St. John’s which offers many opportunities for intellectual growth and personal enrichment. I will be majoring in Speech-Language Pathology. I hope to receive my doctorate in Audiology and possibly open my own practice geared towards children.

 I am a recipient of the Provost Scholarship and the Dean's Scholarship for my academic performance, and the Catholic High School Scholarship because I graduated from a Catholic high school. In addition, I applied and was selected for the Catholic Scholars Program for my commitment to faith and service.

Ursuline empowered and inspired me to always want to help others."

Naomi Koh '19

"I am very grateful for my Ursuline education because it gave me the opportunity to explore my interests. In particular, the computer science program allowed me to gain exposure to the field and inspired me to pursue a career in technology. 

I have been named as a Meinig Family Cornell National Scholar, a select group chosen for their leadership potential and concern for their communities. Meinig Scholars have access to mentorship and networking opportunities, as well as funding toward participation in internships and other experiential opportunities. Freshmen are considered for the program during the regular admissions process, and come from all seven undergraduate colleges.

I plan to major in Computer Science in the College of Engineering and hope to one day work as a programmer at a tech company that views innovation as a means to improve communities and people’s lives."

Isabella Leahy '19


"I hope to work as an anchor for a big news corporation like E News or ABC News, or as a sideline reporter or anchor for ESPN or NHL Network. Over this summer, I had an internship at ABC News for the shows World News Now and America This Morning. It has given me a good idea of what I really want to do later in life and also gave me an amazing experience before college. I am extremely excited to pursue a career I love and will excel in.”

Natalia Matar '19


"Since sixth grade, Ursuline provided me with a safe, open-minded, and inspirational environment to learn, to serve and to achieve. During my junior year, Ursuline gave me the opportunity to apply to a competitive Nursing Program during Spring Break at Villanova which greatly strengthened my interest in nursing. I realized that I wanted to attend a university with a strong commitment to community and service like Ursuline. I am starting this fall at Villanova in the M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing and plan to become a Pediatric Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). 

I am grateful to Ursuline for having been awarded the University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders and Academic Scholarship and the Marianne Khawly Duffy Memorial Scholarship for Leadership, Service, and Academics. I am also a National Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholar. These scholarships, in addition to my experiences as a Student Ambassador and Peer Mediator fostered my interest in applying for the Villanova Leadership Program which I have been accepted to. Students with a demonstrated leadership past have the opportunity to live in a community with other student leaders, take leadership and communication courses, and participate in special lectures, events, and even dinners at the homes of Villanova professors. 

Ursuline empowered me with the knowledge, values, and confidence to lead and to serve." 

Kyla McLeod '19

Meet Kyla McLeod '19


"My Ursuline education inspires me to strive to achieve my goals. I have wanted to go into fashion since I was young, and now I am majoring in fashion merchandising at Marist. I hope to own my own business and start my own clothing line.

The Global Education and Serviam program was a significant part of my Ursuline experience - I was a Global Scholar and part of the Australia exchange during my sophomore year, traveling to our sister school St. Ursula's College in Toowoomba and hosting a student here at home. The Global Symposium topic in 2017 was on Fast Fashion and we had the opportunity to learn from social entrepreneurs about the importance of sustainability and social justice in the fashion industry. This will stay with me as I pursue my studies and career in fashion.

I am also proud to have been named as a Dr. Ione Dunkley Edwards Scholar at Ursuline."

Gabriella Nanna '19


"I intend to participate in The Art of Teaching BA and MSEd Five-Year Program at Sarah Lawrence College, where I was named as a recipient of the Sarah Lawrence Scholarship.  Students in this program observe classrooms early into their studies, as the Early Childhood Center is located on Sarah Lawrence’s campus. Likewise, the Child Development Institute, which is also affiliated with Sarah Lawrence College, offers lectures and conferences to further develop students’ knowledge and understanding.  

I hope to achieve the highest degree of education I can and instill a love of learning in young students. I also aspire to contribute to the study of education outside of the classroom, so as to improve the way students learn.

I wanted my college to resemble the close-knit community of faculty and students at Ursuline, and the service opportunities I experienced at Ursuline taught me that I wanted to make a career that directly supported others. Sarah Lawrence offers the comfort of small class sizes, and individualized attention through a faculty-student advisor program, and the spirit of Serviam is ever-present through the many service opportunities offered to students. I believe that the career of teaching displays a service to many, as educators have the ability to spark new ideas and improvements for society. Given the excellent education I was provided as a recipient of the Emily Clemente Memorial Scholarship, I hope to give back to my community, and educate and empower future leaders.

The foundation of an Ursuline education is indeed strong and special. However, the supportive community of devoted faculty and students is what truly defined my high school experience. As I look to the future, I know that inside and outside the classroom, the confidence of being an Ursuline alumna will always motivate me in all my endeavors."

Deanna Rahman '19


"I plan to major in Medicine, Science and the Humanities and follow along my school’s pre-med track. I hope to attend medical school and fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a doctor. Currently, I am interested in Emergency Medicine.

The culture of empowerment at Ursuline really encouraged me to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. Although I sometimes doubted my ability to attend a top university and pursue a career in medicine, every single member of the Ursuline faculty I encountered believed in me. Overall, my Ursuline education showed me that with the proper work ethic, I’m truly capable of achieving my goals. 

Three Ursuline faculty members had a significant impact on my time at Ursuline: Mr. Lorden, Ms. Roper and Mrs. Beirne. Mr. Lorden was not only my Computer Science teacher for two years but also a trusted mentor. He genuinely cares about his students and their success. Whenever I had doubts, Mr. Lorden was there to remind me I could do it. As my college guidance counselor, Ms. Roper took the time to get to know me as a student and helped me navigate the college process. Without her, the college process would have seemed impossible. Lastly, Mrs. Beirne, who was my academic advisor since the seventh grade and my AP Language teacher, is largely responsible for my continued love of writing and general confidence in myself today. She teaches all of her students to be confident young women who assert their ideas fearlessly."

Alexandra Sayegh '19

"I look forward to attending Fordham University this fall as a recipient of a Loyola Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to incoming freshmen who show high academic performance and leadership ability. I am considering a major in International Studies. This interest has been greatly influenced by my language teachers in both Spanish and French. Each class I have taken has only deepened my appreciation for foreign language and culture. Additionally, the Global Education & Serviam Symposium from this past year on global displacement has sparked further interest in me regarding international affairs and world cultures. I hope to continue my studies at the graduate level and becoming an international lawyer may be a career goal I would like to achieve. I can also say that attending Ursuline influenced my interest in attending a Jesuit university because of the strong emphasis on service.

It has been a true honor and privilege to be a recipient of the Marie T. Murray Scholarship for high school. I am so grateful for the array of opportunities that Ursuline has provided me with throughout the past 7 years, and cannot wait to utilize all that I’ve learned in this next chapter of my life."

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