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Campaign Success



The Campaign for The Ursuline School:


Fulfilling the Promise for Generations of Women

The Fulfilling the Promise for Generations of Women Campaign officially concluded on June 30, 2013 and we surpassed our $8 million goal!

In 2007, The Ursuline School launched its largest and most comprehensive fundraising effort. The Campaign was launched in response to structural damage sustained by the South Building that required “emergency surgery” costing $4 million. This became the first pillar of The Campaign for The Ursuline School.


An additional $4 million goal was added to support three additional pillars of the Campaign; the second pillar was endowment for Scholarships and Financial Aid, the third pillar was Faculty Professional Development and Curriculum Enhancement, and the fourth pillar was the Turf Athletic Field (Kelly Mac Field). The Campaign successfully set the stage for continued development of a culture of philanthropy at Ursuline.


The Campaign’s many accomplishments resulted from a collaborative effort led by a talented and dedicated Cabinet comprised of alumnae, current parents and alumnae parents, Administration and friends. Donations and pledges, large and small, were critical to our success. Campaign events raised awareness and funds while creating excitement that bonded us as a school community.




Campaign Honor Roll



Susan Abbatecola '89
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Acevedo
Lauren Adams '02
Beth Gillin Agarabi '85
Christina Anson Aiello '99
Mr. Kevin Allan
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Altamura
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Amar
Krista Armiento Amato '87
Ms. Marianna Amato
Margery Ames '67
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Anderson
Mr. Peter Andrade and
   Ms. Maggie Irizarry
Mr. and Mrs. John Andreana
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Andruss
Lisa Innamorato Apostolopoulos '80 and
   Steve Apostolopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. George Aresi
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Argento
Adria Armbrister '94
Laura Steward Atchison '81
Mrs. Margaret Athanasatos
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ault
Kathleen and George Austin
Peg Lee Austin '65
Mrs. Anita Babikian
Margaret Fay Baird '55
Mary Rafferty Baisley '58
Mr. and Mrs. John Barisano
Mary FitzMaurice Barnes '96 and 
   Andrew Barnes
Suzanne Silliere Barry '67
Mr. and Mrs. Myles Bartley
Dr. Mariangela Battista
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bausano
Jean Bautz, RSCJ '40
Isabel Dempsey Becker '50
Mary Ruth Wiegard Becker '59
Gabrielle Beddoe '02
Jane Benjamin Berger '90
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bernacchia
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Berrios
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Besheer
Virginia McKenna Bentley '88
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bergen
Monica Javier Bergman '91
Amy Bermingham '76
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Berrios
Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Bertoncini
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Biagini
Mr. Pieter Bierkens and Ms. Emily Oka
Maria Chianese Bietsch '98
Mr. and Mrs. John Billeci
Joyce Tiangco Biolsi ’77 and Robert Biolsi
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bittlingmaier
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Black
Ms. Estela Blaustein
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bloch
Jody Corey Bloom '71
Susan Boccardi '82
Marie Bodack Austin '89
Dr. Jean Boehler
Lisa DelPriore Bonalle '81
Dr. and Mrs. Jose Bonoan
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bonaviso
Cathlin Gleason Boncardo '90
Karen Bopp '00
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Boselli
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bowler
Mary McGovern Bowles '55
Mary Boyan, OSU '42
Elizabeth Bradley '09
Tara Parrello Brancato '91
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Bravo
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brittan
Mrs. Christina Brown
Dr. Karen Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brown
Cristina Brusco '84
Carole Corbett Brustman '57
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Bryceland
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Buell
Grace Adornetto Bulfamante '89 and
   Sebastian Bulfamante
Barbara Bullard '65
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bunyan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Buongiorno
Mr. and Mrs. James Butler
Sr. Teresa Byrne, OSU
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Cahill
Mr. and Mrs. Benny Caiola
Ms. Michelle Caiola
Alice McAuliffe Callahan '61
Carolyn Callahan '84
Mr. Guy Campanile and
   Dr. Susan Campanile
Michele Armiento Camperlengo '90
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Canning
Mrs. Margaret Capozzelli
Gaetana Capozzo '90
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Capozzo
Diane Murphy Capstaff '62
Alexi Caputo '03
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Caraballo
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Carey
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carsky
Robyn Carsten-Kane '78
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Caruso
Mary Janet Stith Casserly '67
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Castellano
Ms. Deanna Castellini
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ceccatti
Christina Cercone '05
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Cercone
Ms. Terese M. Cerni
Kristianna Cerullo-McWilliam '00
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Chapman
Kristin Coogan Chase '90
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Checksfield
Merigo Carrol Chianese '61
Mr. and Mrs. James Chiariello
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Christoforo
Mr. and Mrs. James Ciaccia
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent Ciaramella
Mr. Michael Cicoria
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Civitano
Susan Cleary-Ansbro '80 and
   Daniel Ansbro
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Clapp
Miriam Cleary, OSU '43

Mr. and Mrs. Constantine Clemente
Diane Clerkin '84
Christine Coffey '91
Joan Curtin Coffey '67
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. William Cohen
Adrienne Rizzo Coleman '83 and
   Greg Coleman
Lisa Cox Collina '91
Aileen Collins '12
Mr. and Mrs. John Colucci
Combe Inc.
Maura Toal Condolff '82
Marianne Conlon Conefrey '90
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Confeiteiro
Mrs. Elizabeth Conlon
Mr. and Mrs. John Conlon
Mrs. Joan Connolly
Sr. Susan Conte, OSU
Mr. and Mrs. James Coogan
Mr. and Mrs. John Corbett-Treganowan
Maria Elena Petrillo Corcoran '93
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cordy
Yvette Manessis Corporon '86 and
   David Corporon
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Corrigan
Linda Condro Corrigan '68
Mr. and Mrs. Stefano Corsi
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Corwen
Pegeen Molloy Costa '82 and Michael Costa
Kerry Coughlin '12
Sr. Martha Counihan, OSU
Laura Cox '98
Mary Vandernoot Cox '58
Ms. Patricia Cox
Nina Crispino '80
Deirdre Cummins '96
Diane DeMaria Cummins '91
Nancy Cunningham '83
Dr. Dolores Curbelo
Kathleen Curley '94
Kathryn Curry '91
Alice Ridder Dailey '59
Mr. Richard Dalby
Dr. Ellen Curry Damato
Mr. Aldo Damiano
Mr. and Mrs. Nicola Damiano
Tonia Damiano '09
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Danyluk
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D'Ariano
Mr. and Mrs. Sean D'Arcy
Mrs. Eileen F. Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. Francois DeCourtivron
Mary Kate Mignogna DeGabriel '83
Meaghan DeGuisto '05
Julia Braunstein DelBene '02
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard DelGiacco
Mary Jo Hill DelGuercio '91
Lillian DelMonte '59
Ms. Holly Delohery
Mr. and Mrs. Charles DelPriore
Mr. Neil DeLuca
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony DelVecchio
Mr. and Mrs. Mark DeMarco
Mr. and Mrs. James De Maria
Mr. and Mrs. Peter DeSalvo
Kelli Licata DeSantis '80
Eileen Derby '96
Mr. and Mrs. Richard DeSanctis
Mrs. Nikki Deshensky
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Devaney
Mr. and Mrs. Darren DeVerna
Shawn Davidson DeVivo '90 and
   John DeVivo
Mr. and Mrs. Ydalberto Diaz
Renee Hogan DiBenedetto '93
Aileen Leonard Dibra '96
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Dickinson
Annemarie Germano DiCola '76
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph DiDonato
Rita Dempsey Dieck '51
Justine Diianni '67
Sr. Anne Therese Dillen, OSU
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dillon
Rita Dillon '62
Miriam Apuzzo D'Isernia '64
Maryanne DiMarzo '69
Elizabeth Naclerio D'Onofrio '78 and 
   Anthony D'Onofrio
Francesca Bambino D'Onofrio '91
Leighann Creaturo DiPasquale '83
Elizabeth DiPippo '91
Patricia Niles Dohrenwend '62 and
   Robert Dohrenwend
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dolgos
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Donahue
Courtney DuMond Donohue '85 and
   Douglas Donohue
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Doran
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dougherty
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Dougherty
Madeline Dowling '45
Mary Driscoll '74
Mr. John Duffy
Mrs. Sheila Duggan
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Dunn
Kristina Chirogianis Dunn '92
Jessica Dunne '94
Cecilia Figueroa Durgadeen '95
Mrs. Anne Durking
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Durkin
Shanta Edwards '91
Mr. and Mrs. James Egan
Jeannine Egdorf '83
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Elwyn
Empire Merchants
Amy DeEsso Erdman '91
Mary Ettari '70
Mr. and Mrs. David Fair
Falvey Family
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Falvey
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Fay
Mr. and Mrs. John Febbo
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Felicetta
Karen Schamber Ferguson '57
Ms. Laura Ferraro
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Finnerty
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fiorentino
Elizabeth Fish '00
Mrs. Maryalice Fish
Kara Geissler Fitzgerald '88 and
   Michael Fitzgerald
Mary Hannon Fitzgibbons '86
Alice Kohl Fitzpatrick '49
Mr. and Mrs. Francis FitzPatrick
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Fitzpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fitzsimons
Mary Kay Kehoe Flannery '60
Eugenie Dausey Fleming '63
Michele Cambere Flood '62
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Florio
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Flower
Nancy Follini '63
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Formato
Mr. and Mrs. William Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Francavilla
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Blaise Fredella
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Friend
Mr. Ivanhoe Friend
Mr. and Mrs. John Fritsch
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fucci
Ms. Linda Funigiello
Ms. Monica Furrelle
Gabelli Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Mario Gabelli
Corbette Doyle Gaetano '74
Bonnie Bohrmann Gagliardi '68
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gallagher
Toni Arnold Gallagher '63
Ms. Aileen Gallivan
Maura Zottner Gallucci '85
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gamba
Deana Ramos Gammero '95
Ms. Ann Gannon
Mr. and Mrs. Jaime Garza
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Geary
George Link, Jr. Charitable Trust
Mary Wieder Gerardi '80
Mrs. Nancy Gerardi
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gerken
Mr. and Mrs. William Giacalone
Jennifer Giaimo '90
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Giardina
Mr. Kenny Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Gies
Mr. and Mrs. Damian Gilbert
Patricia Gill Webber '67
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gillin
Ms. Mary Gleason
Ms. Mary Glennon
Ms. Elayne Glick
Jennifer Mulligan Godshall '93
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Golio
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gomez
Mrs. Vicky Gomez
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gomprecht
Alida Marzziotti Goodman '84 and
   Christopher Goodman
Keara O'Donnell Gordon '86 and
   Len Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Granda
Bindu Prasad Grandhi '87
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Grant
Denise Grasso '87
Caitlin O'Donnell Greatrex '91
Dr. and Mrs. James Grendell
Mary Grendell '97
Mr. Danny Grubert
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Guerra
Keelyn Mulvey Gunther '68
Mr. and Mrs. Antony Halaris
Dr. Zoovia Hamiduddin
Ellen Mooney Hancock '61 and
   W. Jason Hancock
Lorraine Lorente Hannigan '73
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hardiman
Monique Harding '94
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Harper
Claire Thompson Harty '46
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hasselt
Ms. Elizabeth Hawthorn
Kerry Oliverio Hayes '91
Christine Tobin Hazelton '96
Elizabeth Healy '94 and James Reichbach
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hefferon
Patricia Scully Henry '55
Laura Herrera '95
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Herrick
Mr. and Mrs. George Herrmann
Courtney Higgins '02
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hillesheim
Dorothy Ann Phillips Hillman '50
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Hockemeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hodge
Michele Miralia Hoffmann '63
Mr. Gerry Houlihan
Patricia Forenza Howard '75
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Hughes
Eileen Santangelo Hult '63
Mr. and Mrs. John Iannotti
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Iapozzuto
Nancy Ives '94
Victoria Jackson '91
Ms. Marianne Janniello
Arielle Jarett '11
Katherine Sohr Jedlicka '97
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jeris
Jewish Communal Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jirak
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Joao
Erin Maguire Johnston '86 and
   Gregory Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Joseph
Mrs. Patricia Joyce
Jamile Kadre '07
Mr. and Mrs. John Karle
Ms. Farida Kathwari
Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Katzenelson
Jurate Kazickas '60 and Roger C. Altman
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Kealey
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Keane
Monique Geissler Keane '84 and 
   William Keane
Mr. and Mrs. John Keenan
Sr. Regina Kehoe, OSU
Patricia Callahan Keitel '86
Barbara Keith '10
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Keith
Valerie Ann Kellogg '62
Anne Kelly '65
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Kennon
Barbara Gray Kenyon '59
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kern
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Kerrick
Elizabeth Irish Keyser '58
Delia Kilduff '12
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kilgen
Mr. and Mrs. David Kmetz
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Knight
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Koch
Jane Seidel Kresser '55
Ms. Christine Kristensen
Karin Pizzo Kulsar '84 and David Kulsar
Mr. and Mrs. Roelof Kunst
Kristine Kuschman '01
Tara Kuschman '05
 Mr. and Mrs. William Kuschman
Margaret Loughman LaBella '83 and
   Joseph LaBella                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lacina
Ellen Burns Laden '60
Francesca Faustini LaGumina '78 and
   John LaGumina

Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore LaGumina
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore LaMarca
Virginia Laporte '63
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lappetito
Phyllis White Lauinger '64
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lazzaro
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lechowicz
Ann Gillin Lefever '82 and Richard Lefever
Christine Cuiffo Lennon '67
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Leva
Mr. Robert Levine
Sondra Promuto Lieberman '84
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Limoncelli
Pauline Flood Littleton '59
Rosemary Lobes '60
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Loftus
Mr. John Loftus
Dr. Luciana Lombardi
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Lombino
Mr. David Lorden
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Loughran
Christine Ramos Loureiro '97
Mary Ellen Flynn Loveless '52
Stephanie Ohl Lubarsky '84
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lucyk
Brianne Lucyk '97
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Lumbra
Diane Clerkin Lundin '84 and Paul Lundin
Emily Lynch '05
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Lynch
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Lynch
Mrs. Patricia MacGillivray
Mr. Kenneth Mackay
Mr. and Mrs. Brian MacMenamin
Ms. Lilly MacMenamin
Mr. Patrick MacMenamin
Anne Titus Madden '01
Ms. Elaine M. Madonna
Mr. J. Oliver Maggard
Carlynn Magliano-Sweeney '92
Ms. Kathy Mallon
Mr. and Mrs. Paolo Mancini
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mancino
Kristyn Mangione '06
Lynn Salvan Mann '64
Marjorie Froman Mann '79 and
   Charles Mann
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mannix
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mannix
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Maranga
Ms. Ann Marie Marcellino
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Marchini
Lisa Marciano-Natoli '91
Katherine McHugh Maria '54
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Maria
Caroline Marino '10
Lauren Marino '07
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Marino
Stephanie Lang Martin '55
Cynthia Deutsch Martyn '88
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marzziotti
Mr. and Mrs. Elias Matar
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mathews
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Matra
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mauch
Linda Mauriello '71
Mr. Michael Mazzilli
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McAloon
Patricia Dorado McAndrew '77
Catherine McCabe '81
Mr. and Mrs. David McCabe
Elizabeth Gallagher McCabe '97
Deirdre McCaffrey '89
Mary Elizabeth McCaffrey '84
Mr. and Mrs. James McCaffrey
Sara Jane McCaffrey '88
Mr. and Mrs. Brian McCarthy
Catherine Fay McCarthy '84 and
   John McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McCarthy
Mr. George McClintock and
   Dr. Binita Mehta
Ms. Marie Louise McClure
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius McCormack
Mr. and Mrs. Quintin McDavid
Kathleen McEntee '99
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McEvily
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McEvily III
Mr. and Mrs. Paul McEvoy
Claire Nyland McGarvey '82 and
   Michael McGarvey
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McGinnis
Joan McGovern '59
Mr. Frank McGrath
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McGrath
Maryann Nowak McGuire '01
Mrs. Irene McInerney
Claire McIntee '57
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McKeon
Mr. and Mrs. James McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Paul McLaughlin
Christie Mullery McLoughlin '92
Mr. and Mrs. John McMahon
Marnell McNamara '79
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McNiff
Mrs. Patricia McNulty
Elizabeth McShane '12
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McShane
Megan Prunella Medeiros '02
Sr. Mary Pat Meiklejohn
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Melnyk
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Merrigan
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Messana
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Millette
Mr. and Mrs. David Mills
Mr. and Mrs. David Mintz
Angela Giardina Miranda '92
Barbara McGovern Mitchell '54
H. Elizabeth Mitchell '80 and Marvin Pestcoe
Mary Jo McDermott Mitchell '55
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Moeller
Dr. and Mrs. Louis Molinari
Anna Molisse '91
Sheila Molloy '81
Aimee Monaghan '08
Denise Deldin Moore '69 and
   Edward Moore
Victoria Volino Moore '95
Winifred Walsh Morris '32
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Moss
Kathleen Gilchrist Moyna '88 and
   Brendan Moyna
Jennifer Reidy Muir '85
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Mulder
Beth Mullery-Clarke '00
Mr. and Mrs. John Mulligan
Mr. and Mrs. John Mulligan
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Mullin
Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Murphy
Kathleen Murphy '07
Mr. Terrence Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Murphy
Sarah Murray '01
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Musho
Mutual of America
Ms. Patricia Nachstein
Dalila Hockemeyer Namy '76
Maureen Naughton Nason '92
Claire Mackay Neary '91
Jutta Magnus Nemec '58
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Niedzwiecki
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nicklas
Francine Nolin-Rogers '68
Mr. and Mrs. John Noonan
Dr. and Mrs. Rocco Noto
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Nyre
Mr. and Mrs. Rory O'Brien
Kerry Ann O'Connor '10
Theresa Rooney O'Connor '78
Mr. and Mrs. William O'Connor
Nicole Buglione Occhiogrossi '90
Ms. Kim O'Donnell
Patricia Huff O'Dwyer '60
Mr. and Mrs. Peter O'Grady
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O'Hara
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ohl
Susan Kiernan O'Horo '86
Dr. Emen Okonkwo
Lindsey Pinto Olbrecht '01
Mr. and Mrs. Carmine Oliva
Ann Martin Olson '51
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Olson
Mr. Gary Olt
Linda Emanuel O'Meara '85
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew O'Malley
Mr. and Mrs. James Onorato
Kristine Meyer Opalka '71
Kerry Morris Orlich '87 and Robert Orlich
Teresa Ancona Orueta '62
Mr. Wokoma Oruwariye and
   Dr. Tosan Oruwariye
Mr. and Mrs. John O'Shea
Maura O'Sullivan '78
Mr. and Mrs. Kieran O'Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Tony O'Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Terence O'Toole
Mr. Christopher Paduano
Janet Signorelli Pagani '77
Mary Lou La Sala Pagano '83 and
   Edward Pagano
Dorothy Palatucci '60
Ms. Mary Palazzolo
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Palmer
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Pan
Mr. and Mrs. David Panitz
Alexandra Paradise '91
Mary Paranac '03
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Parascandola
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parauda
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pareres
June Park '91
Mr. and Mrs. Anant Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Witold Pawlowicz
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Peace
Ms. Marion Pearce
Mr. and Mrs. Ljumni Pelinkovic
Denielle Pemberton-Heard '82
Andrea Pereira-Kriniske '91
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Perillo
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Perruzza
Ms. Geraldine Perry
Christine Geissler Peters '85 and
   Christopher Peters
Ann Peterson, OSU '55
Mr. and Mrs. Felix Petrillo
Theresa Pirraglia-Quinto '91
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pizzo
PJ Callahan Foundation, Inc.
Stephanie Arena Pollaro '91
Mr. and Mrs. William Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Power
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Prifti
Mr. Louis Promuto
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Promuto
Shana Promuto-Kasarda '91
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pugliese
Mrs. Maria Jane Puzio
Sr. Bridget Puzon, OSU
Mary Quartaro '80
Loretta Quigley '66
Ms. Diane Quincy
Caroline Quinn '01
Mari-Christina Quinn '97
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Quinn
Mr. Frank Quiroga and Dr. Jean Perri
Mr. Mark Raffa
Mr. and Mrs. Max Rak
Mr. and Mrs. John Rand
Aileen Flynn Randag '57
Christine Callahan Rasnake '83
Ms. Lillian Reda
Martha Reddington '72
Mary Jane Kann Reddington '41
Mrs. Diana Reese
Nicole Maria DePalma Regan '85
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Regan
Colleen Reilly '82
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reilly
Mr. Stephen Reitano
Mrs. Lisa Rinaldi
Sheila Ryan Ring '80
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rini
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Rivera
Nicole Rossi Rivera 91
Sr. Mary Jane Robertshaw, OSU
Frances Boyd Rochat '85
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rode
Laura Maffucci Rogan '91
Carla Romita '80
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Ross
Maureen Pilkington Rossi '76 and
     Mark Rossi
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Ruben
Maria Manganiello Rubeo '91
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Russo
Blanche Dickinson Ryan '44
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan
Virginia Mitchell Ryan '85 and Charles Ryan
Jamison Sadlon '97
Lindsay Salandra '05
Janine Bitetti Salimbene '91
Joan Kelleher Salinger '67
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Sansone
Patricia Santangelo '71
Jennie Capasso Santariello '80 and
    Robert Santariello
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Santoro
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Scala
Gloria DeSantola Schafer '43
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schenk
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Scher
Sr. Patricia Schifini, OSU
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Schipper
Lea Ricci Schnetzer '91
Ms. Laura Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Scollan
Victoria Sconzo '04
Dr. Melissa Scott
Mrs. Mary Ann Seiler
Ms. Barbara Selesky
Ms. Carolyn Selvaggi
Leslie Roos Sepe '78 and Gene Sepe
Mr. Philip Serlin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shanahan
Mr. and Mrs. William Shanahan
Mrs. Lori Shannon
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Sheehan
Jean Sinnott Sheerin '62
Mr. and Mrs. William Sheridan
Erica Wintergerst Shillingford '99
Caroline Shipman '11
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Shipman
Dr. and Mrs. James Simone
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sisti
Anne Diskin Smalley '67
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smyth
Katherine Sohr Jedlicka '97
Caroline Sohr '12
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sohr
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sohr
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sohr
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sonet
Mr. Anthony Spadaro
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Specchierla
Mr. and Mrs. William Spelman
Ms. Barbara Spiridon
Kelley McCarthy Spoerl '76
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Spillane
Mr. and Mrs. John Spollen
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Squitieri
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stapleton
Alysa Parisi Stafford '85 and Paul Stafford
Annmarie Stepancic '08
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Steuerer
Marianne Cuiffo Stineman '63 and
   Joseph Stineman
Mr. and Mrs. George Stivala
Mr. and Mrs. George Stone
Celia Gareri Stowell ‘76
Lisa Palumbo Strazzeri '91
Mr. Thomas Stuart
Catherine Carino Stube '72
Suburban Carting
Ellen Sugrue-Dolan '90
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. James Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. James Sullivan, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sullivan
Ms. Robyn Summa '93
Andrea Suriano '00
Katie Vecchiano Sutherland '94
Marcella Pfeiffer Syracuse '46
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Tagliamonte
Patricia Lee Tarpey '74
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Taylor
Kerry O'Connell Tepedino '86
Ms. Kathleen Tessier
Maureen Matturri Testa '57                                               

The Ayco Charitable Foundation

The Stefano La Sala Foundation
The Ursuline School Breast Cancer
   Awareness Club
The Ursuline School Mothers' Auxiliary
Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation
Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation
Maria Caragine Thompson '91
Mr. and Mrs. David Thornton
Kerri Tiernan '92
Kristen Tiglias '96
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Timmins
Julie Toal-Kaufman '92
Mrs. Margaret Toal
Mrs. Rose Toglia
Kim Tamburo Tommarello '91
Ms. Maureen Topf
Mr. and Mrs. Terence Tracy
Judith Fitzgerald Traub '58
Mr. William J. Tully
Molly Turner '06
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Tyranski
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tyrrell
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Ungco
Ursuline Community, Keogh Lane
Ursuline Community, Kimball Avenue
Ursuline Community, Liberty Avenue
Ursuline Community, Linden Place
Ursuline Community, Longstreet Avenue
Ursuline Community, Malone
Ursuline Provincialate
William T. Foley Foundation, Inc.
Kimberly Vaccaro '87
Mr. and Mrs. John Van Bramer
Barbara Van Ess McInerney '65
Angela Zinzi VanMoorsel '91
Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios Vasilakis
Ms. Maryann Vecchiotti
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Velardi
Rina Gomez Verni '82 and John Verni
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Vitale
Palma Volino McCormick '93
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Volpe
Rosemary Vrablic '78
Colleen Griffin Wagner '80
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Walsh
Suzanne O'Sullivan Walters '91
Heather Waters '89
Helen Mitchell Waters '58 and 
     Martin Waters
Betty Geoghegan Weldon '67
Ms. Jennifer Wertlieb
Jennifer Wesolowski '92
Lucia Pintauro West '65
Mr. and Mrs. John Williams
Elisa Gabelli Wilson '91 and
   Thomas Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. Preston Winters
Ms. Pier Witek
Jeannie Fredella Wolpert '95
Sr. Joan Woodcome, OSU
Beth Falvey Woodtli '78
Beth Schaefer Wooters '80 and
   William Wooters
Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Yaeger
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Yozwiak
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Zajac
Mr. and Mrs. N. Theodore Zink, Jr.



Challenge Grant Success!


In June 2009, Ursuline received a Challenge Grant from the Thomas & Dorothy Leavey Foundation to assist The Ursuline School’s efforts in paying down the $4 million debt owed from the South Building restoration project. Emphasizing the importance of preserving our heritage and stimulating philanthropy among younger alumnae, the grant focused on graduates from 1980 through 2008. Each gift toward the building, regardless of size, was matched dollar for dollar by the Leavey Foundation, up to $200,000. The goal was exceeded before the deadline of
June 30, 2011 raising a grand total of $411,580.

 Our appreciation and warm thanks to the following alumnae who responded enthusiastically and, in many cases, with multiple gifts: 


Allison Greco Accettullo '94
Lauren Adams '02
Doreen Ali '02
Laura DePasquale Alini '91
Anne Bodkin Asada '83
Laura Steward Atchison '81
Elizabeth Bailey '93
Catherine Barry '05
Julie LoPresti Begos '81
Elizabeth Bellino '01
Maria Chianese Bietsch '98
Marisa Boan '84
Marie Bodack '89
Lisa DelPriore Bonalle '81
Kathleen Bresnan '82
Margaret Bristol '99
Kathryn Finnerty Britton '92
Cristina Brusco '84
Mary Beth Foley Buckley '85
Carolyn Callahan '84
Alexi Caputo '03
Jeanne Walsh Carr '87
Joanne Caruso '01
Valeria Castanaro '01
Angela-Joy Lifrieri Cerrato '95
Kristianna Cerullo-McWilliam '00
Megan Nealon Chevalier '95
Christina Chiaramonte '88
Elizabeth Fried Clark '85
Lisa Cox Collins '91
Kathleen Bristol Connolly '92
Maria Elena Petrillo Corcoran '93
Karen Sweeney Cornell '81
Pegeen Molloy Costa '82
D. Sandra Douglas Coughlin '83
Nina Crispino '80
Catherine Blaney Cuddihy '80
Deirdre Cummins '96
Nancy Cunningham '83
Meaghan DeGuisto '05
Joan DeMarco '81
Giselle DeRienzo-Licursi '80
Shawn Davidson DeVivo '90
Stephanie DiFrisco '81
Danielle DiNapoli '89
Vanessa Maraldo Dioguardi '85
Elizabeth DiPippo '91
Courtney DuMond Donohue '85
Caitlin Duffy '01
Kara Duffy '01
Michele Buragas Duke '96
Bridget Conroy Edwards '96
Shanta Edwards '91
Jeannine Egdorf '83
Barbara Follett Eyster '82
Megan Daly Fahey '84
Kellie Falvey '00
Susan Fay '82
Erin Ferguson '96
Jacqueline Sans Ferguson '01
Jennifer Mulvey Fitzgerald '94
Kara Geissler Fitzgerald '88
Michele Fitzpatrick '05
Regina Flanagan '81
Mary Ann Farley Flatley '98
Susan Flynn '94
Laura Freeman '01
Danielle Fulsher '06
Natalie Gaitas '99
Anna Gallagher Harik '98
Monica Gallagher '02
Bernadette Gallen '01
Maura Zottner Gallucci '85
Marie McKendry Gannon '01
Kathryn Toal Garfield '87
Mary Wieder Gerardi '80
Caitlyn Gibbons '00
Daniella Gigante '92
Laura Gillings '01
Danielle Gizzo '05
Alida Marzziotti Goodman '84
Keara O'Donnell Gordon '86
Katelin O'Rourke Gorman '97
Catherine Zottner Grady '88
Denise Grasso '87
Patricia Gratzon-Martschenko '85
Jennifer Graziano '98
Mary Grendell '97
Christine Gustafson '87
Sheila Halligan '93
Constance Mullen Harvey '85
Elizabeth Healy '94
Kristina Sniffen Heney '91
Victoria Hertlein '01
Kristin Hiensch '97
Deirdre Curtin Hommel '81
Angela Howard '04
Kerrie Hanna Huxta '97
Christina Ingram '05
Caitlin Johnson '06
Claire Parker Jorda '93
Christine Oakley Judge '83
Sharon Harriott Jureller '82
Maria Kampitsis '91
Alyssa Katzenelson '02
Monique Geissler Keane '84
Colleen Kearns '84
Patricia Callahan Keitel ‘86
Anne Fitzgerald Kiernan '82
Ann Marie Carroll King '92
Karin Pizzo Kulsar '84
Tara Payne Kupersmith '83
Margaret Loughman LaBella '83
Elizabeth Kane LeBlanc '85
Ann Gillin Lefever '82
Melissa Lombardi '05
Brianne Lucyk '97

Diane Clerkin Lundin '84
Emily Lynch '05
Christin MacLane '00
Anne Titus Madden '01
Deanna Madori '01
Emily Maggiotto '06
Carlynn Magliano-Sweeney '92
Maureen Maire '89
Katherine Marshall Mancini '91
Lisa Marciano-Natoli '91
Stephanie Markowitz-Santiago '01
Courtney Burke Maron '93
Kara Martin '82
Lea Loveless Maurer '89
Catherine McCabe '81
Elizabeth Gallagher McCabe '97
Deirdre McCaffrey '89
Catherine Fay McCarthy '84
Kristin DeLaurentis McCartin '99
Carol McClure '99
Elizabeth McEntee DeCecco '98
Kathleen McEntee '99
Allison McGill '06
Kathryn McGlinn '01
Maryann Nowak McGuire '01
Christie Mullery McLoughlin '92
Robin Burnett Medford '97
Suzanne Melnyk-Tripp '85
Leah Messina '99
Elizabeth Murphy Meydenbauer '92
Marsha Miclat-Borelli '90
Katherine Guerin Minion '82
H. Elizabeth Mitchell '80
Linda Goff Mitchell '83
Theresa Molisse '93
Sheila Molloy '81
Kimberly Short Morgner '88
Michelle Morris '96
Nikole Freeman Moxley '90
Rosemary DeVilla Mulligan '87
Kathleen Horgan Mulvany '89
Claire Murphy '04
Kara Kelly Nierenberg '01
Megan Noonan '99
Christine Nunez '07
Jeanine McDermott O'Brien '81
Suzanne Raynor O'Brien '83
Moira Spollen O'Connell '92
Katelyn O'Connor '05
M. Susan Kiernan O'Horo '86
Linda Emanuel O'Meara '85
Mary Delaney O'Reilly '80
Brianne O'Toole '01
Kristin Victor Okon '87
Kerry Morris Orlich '87
Regina Conlon Pacicco '84
Mary Lou LaSala Pagano '83
Judith Marrone Passannante '81
Jennifer Pavone '08
Christine Geissler Peters '85
Mojabeng Phoofolo '94
Liliana Lovell Piccirillo '85
Virginia Pope '80
Joan Porricolo-Sullivan '83
Joy Vaccaro Posner '95
Suzanne Power-Morris '86
Marianna Procopio-Berardi '88
Joann Provetto '82
Megan Prunella '02
Caroline Quinn '01
Mari-Christina Quinn '97
Christine Callahan Rasnake '83
Shardae Rawlins '08
Alison Rende '92
Sheila Ryan Ring '80
Carla Romita '80
Cecilia Torres Roos '81
Virginia Mitchell Ryan '85
Jamison Sadlon '97
Nadia Savarese '07
Kristin Savoye '95
Kathleen McCarthy Schlichting '96
Maria Caiola Sciortino '82
Victoria Sconzo '04
Clare Coupe Scott '85
Abigail Rock Showers '89
Katherine Sohr-Jedlicka '97
Rinamarie Spatafore-Bonventre '81
Alysa Parisi Stafford '85
Christine Dinardi Stafstrom '01
Annmarie Stepancic '08
Jennifer Stephens '06
Ellen Sugrue-Dolan '90
Kathleen Sullivan-Breen '81
Anne Sutherland '92
Catherine Walsh Taubner '85
Sewit Teckie '01
Tambria Lynn Terry '87
Kerri Tiernan '92
Angela Cermele Turco '87
Molly Turner '06
Angela Zinzi VanMoorsel '91
Rina Gomez Verni '82
Lauren DiScenza Vinciguerra '01
Nancy Vitulli '96
Rosanna Volpe '00
Colleen Griffin Wagner '80
Elizabeth Hemming Walker '84
Jennifer Cinguina Walsh '88
Kanchana Wangkeo-Leung '94
Heather Waters '89
Nancy C. Waters '65
Jennifer Wesolowski '92
Eileen Merritt Weston '83
Elisa Gabelli Wilson '91
Marie Yezzo '01
Kulwadee Wangkeo Yung '90
Meghan Zink '03





“The Ursuline School and its evolving and innovative curriculum is equipping young women with the self knowledge and confidence to navigate in this new technologically sophisticated but communication deficit world. The sense of high standards, personal excellence, along with discipline and a commitment to personal service captured in our motto “Serviam,” is essential to meeting the crisis of poor communication and disconnection… Without intelligent, passionate women with sound educations, the world will not progress.”


                                             - Dr. Pat Gill Webber, ‘67


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  • Empower
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