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Religious Studies

The Religious Studies Department encourages all students to learn and to live the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

The department is faithful to the school's mission of promoting intellectual, spiritual, and moral development. Therefore, the department works closely with Campus Ministry to educate the whole person, ensuring that each student receives the foundation necessary for an informed and committed adulthood of faith.

Religious Studies is a required course of study for all students, grades 6 - 12. 

Religious Studies 6: Journey Through the Old Testament

The theme of Grade 6 is Journey. Students will learn about God’s revelation to us through the Old Testament. Students will journey together toward a deeper understanding of Christian beliefs and traditions. The theme is meant to help focus the attention of the young people and to illustrate in a memorable way this fact: that the loving God they meet in their studies is with them in all of their life experiences.

Available to grade 6; three days a week, all year

Religious Studies 7: Jesus: The Way, the Truth, the Life

This course is designed to help young adolescents grow in their knowledge of Jesus through studying the Gospels. The students will also come to understand the Sacraments as we respond to follow Jesus and to live by His teachings through word, worship & service.

Available to grade 7; three days a week, all year

Religious Studies 8: Growth and Development in the Church

The theme of Grade 8 is Church. Students survey the major historical periods of the Church in order to come to a deeper understanding and appreciation of their heritage. Students will learn that Jesus calls his followers to live lives of compassion, care, and concern for their fellow human beings, particularly those in need.

Available to grade 8; three days a week, all year

Religious Studies 9: Finding Faith - An Exploration of the Scriptures

This course introduces students to concepts of faith formation, and is a comprehensive overview of the Bible, with particular emphasis on the Old Testament. Students are challenged to deepen their understanding of biblical themes and their contemporary applications.

Available to grade 9; three days a week, all year

Religious Studies 10: Jesus' World and the New Testament

This course fosters a growing, personal relationship with Jesus as students journey through the New Testament. The course will provide an understanding of the historical, cultural, and religious life of Jesus through His own eyes as well as the eyes of the Gospel authors. The course will also enable students to appreciate Jesus' message of love and service as it relates to their own spiritual lives.

Available to grade 10; Semester

Religious Studies 11

The students will examine: God’s Revelation through Morality and Various Moral Issues through the lens of World Religions. Throughout the year, the students will examine morality, components of moral decision making and contemporary moral issues through a global perspective of the World Religions.

Available to grade 11; Semester

Religious Studies 12

This course will address issues faced throughout life. God’s Revelation Through Medical Ethics and the Christian Lifestyles.  This course will address issues faced throughout life. Through the lens of Catholic faith and the teachings of the Catholic Church, the curriculum will provide the students with the opportunity to consider introduction to medical ethics, beginning and end of life issues and single life, dating, marriage, family planning, parenting, and Religious life.

Available to grade 12; Semester
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