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Computer Science

In a world where technology is ever changing, the main purpose of the Technology Department is to provide all students with the technical capabilities they will need to succeed at The Ursuline School, in college, and in their personal and professional lives.

An overriding principle of the Technology Department is to keep pace with new trends in technology and to incorporate them into the curriculum. Recent examples are collaborative technologies like Google Apps for Education and the utilization of cloud storage to enhance file management. Students learn to do Internet research, prepare multimedia presentations, create websites, and collaborate by sharing documents in Google Docs.

In support of Ursuline's focus on delivering a 21st century education, the Technology Department is integral to ensuring that technology is strategically incorporated in all aspects of the curriculum. Members of the Technology Department periodically 'drop in' to classes to facilitate the strategic use of technology in support of 21st century skills.

Required Courses

All students are required to take one semester at the high school level to fulfill graduation requirements.


Elective courses include Technology Essentials, Productivity Software for College and Beyond, Computer Science I(Honors), Computer Science II (Honors) and AP Computer Science A.

Computer Science Fundamentals - Grade 6

Sixth grade students will study programming concepts, computational thinking, and develop interactive games or stories they can share.

Available to grade 6; Quarter

Creating with Code - Grade 7

Seventh grade students will use a block-based coding language to learn important programming concepts, reasoning, logic, and problem solving in a fun-filled environment as they make games and other projects.

Available to grade 7; Quarter

Introduction to Robotics - Grade 8

Eighth grade students will use app-enabled robots to foster creativity through discovery and collaborative learning while laying the foundations of computer science.

Available to grade 8; Quarter

Technology Essentials

Ninth grade students will explore computational thinking concepts, have hands-on access to physical computing and engage in problem-based learning and use visual coding platforms to bring their solutions to life.  There will also be units on digital citizenship and productivity tools.

Available to grade 9; Full Year

Productivity Tools for College and Beyond

This semester course provides the student with a strong background in Excel needed for Business and Engineering majors. It teaches the students how to efficiently use the computer as a business and personal tool by utilizing intermediate and advanced features in database management, spreadsheets, presentations and desktop publishing.  Students will produce products by integrating various software applications. These products simulate various real-life work situations.

Available to grades 9-12; Semester

Computer Science I Honors

This course is the first component of a two year exploration of computer programming using an object-oriented/event-driven language as the programming environment. Students will utilize Visual Basic tools to create authentic, business applications that correspond to industry computing standards. Concepts covered during this first year of study include creating forms; writing code; using variables and constants, the selection structure, the repetition structure, and testing and debugging programs.

Available to grades 10‑12; Full Year

Computer Science II Honors

This course is the second component of a two year exploration of computer programming using the object-oriented/event driven language Visual Basic. Students will utilize Visual Basic tools to create authentic business applications that correspond to industry computing standards. Concepts covered during the second year of study build upon 1st year learning including using selection and repetition structures, coding sub and function procedures, string manipulation, arrays, and structures and sequential access files.

Available to grades 11-12; Full Year

AP Computer Science A

Advanced Placement Computer Science A teaches object-oriented programming using the Java language and is meant to be the equivalent of a first semester, college-level course in computer science. It will emphasize problem solving and algorithm development, and use hands-on experiences and examples so that students can apply programming tools and solve complex problems. Students will learn to design and implement computer programs that solve problems relevant to today's society, including art, media, and engineering. This course will prepare students for the end-of-course AP Exam which is required.

Available to grade 12; Full Year

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