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Graduation 2019
Posted 05/31/2019 11:46AM

The 122nd Commencement of The Ursuline School on May 24, 2019 was a joyful occasion.



Principal Rosemary M. Beirne welcomed those assembled and introduced the trustees in attendance. After the invocation by Msgr. Keane, the senior members of our Honors Choir led the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.



Valedictorian Naomi Koh looked to the future and declared, "Ursuline has taught us to seek empathy, understanding and common ground. In a country divided by race, religion, and political party, in a world afflicted by hatred, war, and violence, Ursuline has encouraged us to love one another, strive for peace, and protest injustice. In an era of uncertainty and misinformation, Ursuline has taught us to be critical thinkers and to find light in the darkest of times."

Naomi thanked the parents, school administration and then directed these words to the faculty: "Thank you also to our teachers, who have had unwavering patience and faith in us, even after explaining the same concept maybe twenty seven times and still hearing, "Wait, I don't get it."

The importance of your work cannot be overstated; you are the ones who inspire the next generation, teaching us not only how to solve differential equations or write a thesis that actually answers the question, but also how to persevere through difficult times; how to be a good leader, citizen and friend; and how to never give up on ourselves." 




Principal Beirne then called each graduate's name and President Eileen Davidson handed her the diploma.  As the graduates descended the stairs from the stage, daughters of alumnae were greeted by their mothers.



The 180 members of this class earned more than $28 million in college scholarships. The have exhibited many different talents and a great deal of hard work and perseverance. At graduation,  Assistant Principals Denise Moore and Liz Lynch announced a number of Awards and Honors.

Global Scholars:  Sofia Bishop, Milena Fava-Pastilha, Bianca McIver, and Kyla McLeod.

Serviam Awards for service to the school in the spirit of St. Angela:

Sofia Bishop, Jessica Brij-Raj, Caitlin Conly, Christiana Corporon, Jena Guilfoyle, Christiana Kelly, Natalia Matar, Bianca McIver, and Megan McPartlan.

Departmental Awards.

Classics – Meghan Hanley. 
Computer Science – Naomi Koh. 
English – Deanna Rahman.
Mathematics – Naomi Koh.
Performing Arts – Amanda Moss.
Physical Education – Gianna Cavallaro.
Religious Studies – Sarah Flynn.
Science – Nicole Frontera.
Social Studies – Jenna Kriegel, Kristen Sohr.
Visual Arts – Cameron Natkin.
World Languages: French – Alexandra Sayegh, Italian – Sara Zanotti, Spanish – Jillian Pearson

President Davidson's address encouraged the graduates to "take risks - educated risks - ones that will stretch you to reach your fullest potential as an individual: Take a course simply because it interests you. If and when the opportunity presents itself, don't shy away from public speaking, especially if the thought of it sends you into a mild panic attack as it once did for me! Think of exploring a new career path - perhaps one you had never even considered. In the words of John Henry Newman: "To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often." 




Photo here are by Chris Pope of Pope Photography. We invite you to see more photos at


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