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Why Ursuline?

Your family could have many reasons for choosing The Ursuline School. We teach students to think critically and express their creativity, to uncover and pursue their passions, to develop their moral compass, and to be prepared for the complex world of this 21st century, in college and beyond. We do this in an all-girl environment where Catholic values are shared.

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Here are more thoughts from our students and alumnae:


“The Ursuline School truly challenged me.

I was challenged academically - my Honors and Advanced Placement classes followed a rigorous curriculum that forced me to work harder than I had in middle school. I was challenged socially - I came to Ursuline knowing no one since I was the only girl enrolling from my hometown public school. I was challenged physically - I played on two varsity sports teams, both of which consistently won league and section titles. But now as a graduating college student, I know that my time at Ursuline had a great impact on my life.

My transition to college felt easier because I knew I had the skills to succeed in my classes. I wasn’t as nervous about leaving home to go to school because I knew that I had made lifelong friends in high school that would be there for me when I needed them. I’m confident in speaking my mind and taking on leadership roles because I witnessed first-hand how strong and successful women can be. All in all, I know that I am a better woman today because I was an Ursuline girl.”

Maeve Koeltl, '10
Temple University, pursuing a dual major in Finance and International Business, plus a Certificate of Spanish Language and Latin American Studies



“I love being involved in Tech and Stage Crew at Ursuline

because it is hands-on and the students do all the work."

Grade 12
Click here to see photos from our recent music and dance production.


Being a member of the Ursuline Varsity Tennis team

is very important to me. I have gotten to meet a lot of new people. Everyone is so active and we push each other to get better."

Grade 10
Click here to learn more about Christina and her teammate's tennis success representing The Ursuline School in tennis.


“Ursuline definitely made me into the young woman I am today.

As a graduating senior from college and looking back at my experiences in college, Ursuline played an important role in shaping my critical thinking and holding myself to higher expectations. Beyond academics, the women that I shared my Ursuline experience with have empowered me to challenge my mind to change the world. Most importantly, Ursuline's mission of Serviam, "I will serve", has been ingrained in my every day living in New Orleans, a city that I was introduced to through Ursuline, on the first Ursuline trip I ever went on. Four years later, I still wear my class ring, proudly, as an inspiration to go beyond what is expected."

Jacqueline Joseph '10
Loyola University New Orleans '14


As members of the Ursuline Varsity Lacrosse Team

we've met friends from every grade and look forward to going to practice with them every day. Even during the off season we are like a little family and always work to make the team better as a whole."

Julianna and Kristian
Grade 10



Our faculty are innovative, devoted, and know how to have fun!

Our faculty draw on their training as educators as well as their experience in industry to facilitate learning in the classroom. 90% of our teachers have masters or doctoral degrees. A former engineer teaches engineering. A journalist teaches English, and another teaches history. Two are lawyers who now teach classics and government. A former computer coder is on our technology team. Alumnae choose to return as teachers, which is a wonderful sign.

Many of our teachers use what are called “blended teaching” styles that combine the best of traditional direct teaching (standing in front of the class) with project based, collaborative methods that often integrate video, digital books, and multi-media. Teachers serve as faculty advisers so that each student is known well by at least one teacher. In addition, our teachers moderate the numerous clubs and after-school activities.






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