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Curriculum with a World View

We provide a range of opportunities through which students develop a global perspective. It starts with our curriculum.

Our global education curriculum includes 8th grade World Music, 9th and 10th grade courses in Global History, a Global Seminar elective, 11th grade World Religions class, and European Art and Culture. Our courses in Spanish, Italian, Accelerated French, Latin, and Greek encompass language, literature, history and culture.

Technology is regularly integrated into our classroom instruction through video conferencing, communication and presentation tools. Google Expeditions take students on virtual tours to modern Venice and Ancient Rome. Google Cultural Institute brings the students inside museums in Paris. Additional web tools such as backchanneling, Quizlet, VoiceThread and YouTube are also used by students.

The Stephanie Clemente Broadcast Studio, a state-of-the-art facility, offers another vehicle to extend these learning opportunities to faculty and students. Guest speakers often share personal experiences on topics that add a global dimension.

Spanish Pen Pals

In February 2019, Ms. Perry's Spanish 3H classes enjoyed a special mail delivery and visit from Peace Corps volunteer Lesia Danyluk '13, who is currently teaching English in a secondary school in Peru. The classes have become "Pen Pals" with Lesia's students who are learning English. 

After a presentation on life in Peru & the Peace Corps, Lesia shared a video from her class along with beautiful handwritten letters to each student.

Refugees Flee Spain for Germany

Exploring the 2018-19 global theme, in January 2019 Mrs. Boselli's Spanish Class researched displacement and the number of refugees leaving Morocco for Spain, and further travel to Germany in order to flee conflict.

Team Teaching Italian

Team teaching on a grand scale! In November 2018, Mrs. LaGumina led her Italian 3H class from Rome via Skype, and local help of Mrs. Zoida-Fragale. Mrs. Zoida-Fragale’s Italian 1 class was covered by Ms. Kennedy, chair of our Music Dept who speaks (and sings in) Italian. Ms. Kennedy shared opera history and led the class in Quizlet vocabulary exercises. Talented faculty, teamwork & tech made for a special day in Italian.

French Scenes and Songs

In October 2018, Mrs. Brescia's Accelerated French 3/4 presented dialogues about deciding to go out to dinner and ordering a meal. They also sang the Beatles "Hello, Goodbye" or "Bonjour, Au Revoir." Students also record Voicethread videos and use Duolingo to increase vocabulary and improve pronunciation

Italian Posters about World Hunger

Ms. Saraceni’s Italian classes shared articles in Italian and English about world hunger. Then the girls formed groups and created posters to illustrate the plight of the hungry and how we might make a difference.

Global Hunger & Food Justice is our year-long 2017-18 school-wide theme.

Venezualan Plight is Publicized

In February 2018, Sr. Brenda’s Spanish 5 Honors class welcomed Sr. Jackie Dasilva OSU and Sr. Maureen Welch OSU to hear first-hand accounts of the food shortage and malnourishment in Venezuela. Graduates of the Ursuline school Academia Merici in Venezuela have started a program to provide food for children. Our Ursuline students are creating Public Service Announcements to raise awareness and funds in support of the initiative in Venezuela.

Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru

Ms. Perry’s Spanish 3 Honors students Skyped with Peace Corps volunteer Lesia Danyluk ’13 to hear how a rural Peru community faces poverty and malnutrition. Lesia described her humble living quarters, the daily diet, and the youth program that she is initiating. Global Hunger & Food Justice is a theme we are exploring during the 2017-18 year and across curriculum.

Alum Life in Italy


In December 2017, alumna Jennifer Riley Fabbrizzi ’07 shared with Italian students her experience of life in Italy, and encouraged the girls to learn as many languages as possible. Students were glad to tell Jennifer how they learn Italian today, using VoiceThread, a cloud application to practice speaking and creating presentations in Italian. The girls also described going on Italian Immersion trips.

Researching Fair Trade

Mrs. Khalil's Spanish AP students presented findings on GMO foods and Fair Trade practices, “comercio justo," in November 2017. Their research included reading in Spanish two autobiographies: "Cuento del Cafecito" (the story of an organic coffee farm in the Dominican Republic, owned by famous author Julia Alvarez) and "Cajas de Carton" (about the childhood of a migrant worker in California who is now a university professor).

Spanish Masters at the Prado

Students in Mrs. Boselli's Spanish 4 Honors classes explored the website of the famous Prado Museum in Spain. The girls selected works by de Goya, Velazquez and El Greco and then wrote artistic critiques in Spanish. Culture is an important part of language study and this was an opportunity to develop vocabulary as well as present orally in Spanish.

Learning about Basic Beliefs of Islam

Guest speakers from Al-Ihsan Academy in October 2017 gave an informative presentation. We were happy to host visitors who shared their basic beliefs of Islam with our juniors and seniors. Abdullah Khan and three students talked about some of the similarities shared by Christianity and Islam, which are both monotheistic religions. Our students enjoyed the chance to follow up with questions and talk with our visitors. We learn as we dialogue together.

Google Expedition to Venice

Ms. Saraceni's Italian 4 Honors students very much enjoyed their Google Expedition to Venice in September 2017. The virtual reality platform allowed them to see the Doge's Palace, the famous St. Mark's Basilica, and gondoliers paddling gondolas along the canals. At the same time, Ms. Saraceni posed questions in Italian and pointed out items of cultural importance. The students' assignment was then to take on the role of tour guide and write in Italian a short, historical description of one of the sights.

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