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Welcome! Here is information for parents to better understand Ursuline school policies and to build community with other Ursuline families.


FORMS TO SIGN. As we start the school year, we ask that all parents read and acknowledge:
the Safe Community Pledge ,
the 2020-21 Student/Parent Handbook.
These were emailed again on Thursday, September 17.  If you already read and submitted your acknowledgements, wonderful and thank you! If you have not, please make that a priority, before in-person classes begin next week.

GRADE LEVEL ZOOM MEETINGS will be offered again after both cohorts have had one week of classes (in person, remote or fully remote). Please stay tuned.

Fathers' Club and Mothers' Auxiliary meetings. The Zoom links for the September 15 Fathers' Club meeting and September 17 Mothers' Auxiliary meetings will be emailed on Tuesday morning, September 15. The Zoom links for the Mothers' Auxiliary meetings were again emailed on the morning of September 17.

BOOKSTOREThose students who will be attending orientation on Monday September 14 will be able to pick up any bookstore orders when they are leaving the building, at the end of their orientations.  All other students will pick up their orders when they return to campus the week of the 21st.  We will provide more details about the time or place of pick up. PLEASE DISREGARD THE PICK UP TIME INCLUDED ON YOUR RECEIPT FOR THE PURCHASE!

ATHLETICS UPDATE. On September 3, the Executive Committee of Section One announced that it is permitting high school cross country, field hockey, soccer, and girl's tennis to begin Tuesday, September 29th. We will hold tryouts on that day. Modified Sports still pending approval. Full Section One notice is HERE.  Volleyball and competitive cheer Fall seasons will begin March 1, 2021, known as "Fall Sports Season II." This was announced September 9.  Swimming is still awaiting further guidance. Please check details on the Fall 2020 Athletics Tryouts webpage.

SENIORS - SCHOOL RECORDS RELEASE FORM. To process ANY and ALL college applications school transcript/records requests, a student and family must review, sign and return the Records Release Form. This form can be scanned, photo & e-mailed, or dropped off to your College & Academic Counselor by September 15.   (Requests cannot be entered by students in Naviance until this signed form is received.)

DRIVER EDUCATION. September 3, 2020 UPDATE: The Fall 2020 session will begin the week of Saturday, September 19. There are currently "all virtual" course options, and "hybrid" course options available. For detailed information and session availability, please call Mr. Tarulli at (201) 962-7187 for information.

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY. Notifications have been sent to rising juniors and seniors who are eligible for membership to the Veritas Chapter of the National Honor Society. Eligibility is based on grade point average. Notifications were sent to the student's school email. The first application due date is Friday, September 25. Please email Ms. Dugan or Mr. Adamek with any questions or concerns.

My Family Information

If your email changes, please let us know so we can stay in touch. Kindly email Mrs. Joanna Valentini or call her at 914-500-6242.

To update your phone number or address, please log in to Parent PlusPortals and make the edit.

Prayer Resources


May today there be peace within. May you trust your highest power that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith. May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content knowing you are a child of God. Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance. It is there for each and every one of you. AMEN! - St. Teresa

St. Angela, watch over us all our days.
St. Ursula, protect our future.

Parent Links

Please click on the MOODLE icon Moodle iconto access your daughter's grades on MOODLE. It is password protected. If you forgot your assigned username or password, please email Mrs. Micki Carbone 

A sheet of MOODLE Frequently Asked Questions may be downloaded Here.


Parents may access Parent PlusPortals by clicking on the icon.  This web-based software allows parents or guardians online access to their student's class schedule, the Student/Parent Handbook and other information.  There is also a parent directory. It is password protected.  In case of questions, please email our Registrar, Mrs. Joanna Valentini.

Summer 2020 Nuts & Bolts


SUMMER READING LISTS. The English Department has prepared the following reading lists:

The Middle School list is HERE.  

The High School College Prep list is HERE

And the High School Honors/AP list is HERE.

The Religious Studies Department has an assigned reading for seniors.  Please CLICK HERE to download.

The Social Studies Department has prepared the following summer reading assignments:

AP Government assignment is HERE.

AP U.S. History assignment is HERE.  Students in this course are also asked to purchase the book  he American Pageant: A History of the American People, AP Edition 14th Edition which is available on Amazon HERE. 

AP Macroeconomics assignment is HERE.