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Fathers' Club

The Fathers' Club is a supportive, involved group of dads who lend a hand to the wonderful school that our daughters attend. We encourage the participation of all fathers whenever possible, be it for a monthly meeting or an organized event. There is no membership fee. Through our sponsored events, we have fun, we get involved, and we make a difference.


  • Provide a venue through which fathers of Ursuline students can work together in support of their daughters and on behalf of the school,
  • Provide a forum for fathers to engage in Ursuline and all that it offers,
  • Function as an information exchange, and
  • Organize events and provide some measure of fundraising.



  • Our goal is to structure activities that will help parents of Ursuline students support their daughters as members of the school community.



  • Seek initiatives that align the Fathers' Club more closely with the Ursuline mission statement, "Educate, Inspire, Empower".
  • Source and engage in activities that specifically locate or define service projects that fathers and daughters can participate in together to support the school.
  • Just as the school mission statement underscores service to others, we as parents endeavor to assist the school in the development of a culture of philanthropy in our daughters, e.g. contributing to the endowment.
  • Maximize participation and enable dads to become more engaged.
    • More new dads attending meetings and events,
    • Parents have been invited to submit themes to be considered for future meetings or projects, and
    • Attending monthly meetings allows fathers to interact directly with TUS leadership (i.e. the President and Principal attend monthly meetings).
  • Develop activities to build school spirit (i.e. the Father-Daughter Dance), promote service (i.e. Habitat for Humanity work days) and support girls' sports (i.e. Homecoming Event).
  • Invite current faculty, staff, coaches and administrators to attend monthly Fathers' Club meetings to share their insight, thoughts and suggestions on how we as parents can further support our daughters' 6-12th grade experiences.
Dancing fun
Dance contest winners
Senior with father

Officers for the 2022-23 school  year:   TBA




Our meetings are generally scheduled on the first Tuesday of each month starting at 7 p.m. 

  • Hear information from school Administration, current faculty and other guest speakers.
  • Mothers are also welcome to attend, especially those who are unable to attend the scheduled Mothers' Auxiliary meetings.

Volunteer Opportunities

Fathers provide important hospitality and critical assistance at school events such as the Open House, School Dances, Koala Sweepstakes & Auction and other Mothers' Auxiliary events.


Fathers' Club Gear

The following gear can be purchased at any Fathers' Club monthly meeting:  TBA