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Honor Societies

National Honor Society

Veritas Chapter

The National Honor Society is a national organization that recognizes students who have excelled academically and serve their community. Any rising junior or senior who has achieved a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.85 over the past two academic years will be eligible to apply for membership. Students are notified of eligibility and provided the application by the Faculty Moderator no later than mid-July. A student who applies for membership should be a model for the younger students in the school.

Each student who applies for membership must provide verification of forty (40) service hours completed over the past two years. Service should be logged and verified through x2VOL. Applications are reviewed by a faculty council. The induction takes place in late October.

To remain in good standing, members must maintain a 3.85 GPA for each academic year until graduation and complete and provide verification for twenty (20) service hours per semester.

The Nomination Letter is available for downloading HERE.


National Art Honor Society

NAHS is a national organization sponsored by the National Art Education Association. As per The Ursuline School NAHS bylaws, all students in the high school who have completed at least one high school art course at Ursuline and maintained a minimum of a B+ average in their art courses are eligible to apply to be members of the NAHS. The application and three pieces of art work are due by December 1st. The bylaws may be downloaded here.

The pillars of the NAHS are scholarship, character, and service. Members must attend a required number of meetings and complete 5 hours of arts related service outside of any other service commitments they may have in order to remain members in good standing each school year. Service opportunities are provided in the form of NAHS sponsored group activities but students are encouraged to use their creativity to complete their own service opportunities outside of the Ursuline community.

National English Honor Society

The Serviam Chapter of the National English Honor Society is being formed in Spring 2021. The National English Honor Society is an international organization which recognizes students for their accomplishments in the field of English. NEHS also encourages development of literature, fine writing, language and media studies, and it encourages members to use their talents in the service of others.

Student applicants are selected on the basis of academic grades and performance, and merit special note for past and current accomplishment in the study of English. Those who qualify will be inducted into Society membership, and will receive benefits such as recognition for merit, academic scholarships, and award eligibility. 

National Junior Honor Society

NJHS provides students in the 8th and 9th grade the opportunity to earn recognition for their academic excellence, good character, and leadership.

In contrast to the Honor Roll which is based solely on academic performance, NJHS membership is by invitation to those 8th and 9th grade students who achieve a 3.75 grade point average. In conformance with national procedures, students are then asked to submit an application which describes co-curricular activities, leadership positions, community activities, and any job experience/recognitions/awards. The applications are reviewed by and voted on by a committee of faculty members. An induction ceremony at Ursuline takes place in the spring.

We are proud to share the program for the April 2021 NJHS Investiture Ceremony here.

The Guidelines for Membership in National Junior Honor Society may be downloaded here.

Please also read the NJHS Update which is available for downloading here.

The NJHS Pillars are described here.

It is helpful to follow the CHECKLIST which can be downloaded here.

The NJHS Application Form for New Members is available for downloading here. This is a SAMPLE form. The actual version will be sent to students when they are invited to apply to the NJHS.

To document the service hours earned, please download X2VOL directives here.Service is defined as going out into the community to provide selfless acts that benefit others (not related to the student) and requires a student to give personal time for a charitable outcome.

To document involvement in activities, please download the verification form here.

Current NJHS members are asked to complete the Service Update Form which can be downloaded here. This is a SAMPLE form. The actual version will be sent to current members when they are invited to re-apply to the NJHS.

Tri-M Music Honor Society

This international music honor society is designed to recognize high school students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities, and to inspire other students to excel at music and leadership. To be eligible, a student must have a B average and have taken part in an instrumental performance group at Ursuline at least one year. We were delighted to present our first Investiture of 56 students into the Tri-M Music Honor Society in December 2014!