Faith & Spiritual Development is foundational & unifying

Ursuline students come to know themselves and find their way by strengthening their relationship with God and with others. 


Campus Ministry Resources

Ursuline is a welcoming place for students of all faith backgrounds and traditions. The nourishment of the spiritual life of our students takes place in a variety of ways. We offer daily morning prayer over the loudspeaker which concludes with a unifying call and response:

St. Angela: watch over us all our days. 
St. Ursula:  protect our future."

Since 1968, our onsite Chapel of St. Angela has provided a sacred space for prayer and reflection for all. In addition to weekly prayer services, students and faculty participate in leading Lauds, praying the rosary, and writing in the Book of Prayer Intentions. 

Faith Works

Faith was very important to my parents and me as we looked at high schools. We felt Ursuline would be the best place for me to grow spiritually and intellectually.

- Anna '23