Counseling & Student Support

The Ursuline School is committed to the education of students in mind, body, and spirit. An integral part of that educational process is nurturing the emotional and psychological needs of the students.

Early in Freshman year, each student meets with her counselor for the first time. Throughout her four years here, the same counselor is available to her for individual meetings and support. In the Counseling office, students find a supportive, confidential environment that encourages them to talk about ideas and voice concerns. Counseling is provided individually or in groups.

Students may contact the school Counselor directly for support or guidance or may be referred by parents or faculty. Referrals may be made in person, on the phone, or in writing.


Counseling Aim


The school Counselor maintains strict confidentiality. Any information given is considered confidential, unless the information presents a clear and present danger to the student involved or to others. Any student who is considered a danger to herself or to others will be asked to undergo psychological evaluation. The school reserves the right to require outside counseling services for a student; the cost of such services are the responsibility of the student's family.

Each of the Counselors also has wide-ranging involvement with students in important areas of school life. Participation in all of these different facets of school life gives the Counselors an exceptional opportunity to know, appreciate and hopefully enhance the experience of Ursuline students. Counselors are the advocates and allies. They know when to lend a sympathetic ear and when to engage students in a “reality check” type of conversation.

Mrs. Doretha Buster, Chair (914) 500-6238
Ms. Kim Tietjen (914) 500-6247