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Annual Bible Blessing Ceremony

On October 28, 2019 our 6th grade class gathered in the Province Center Chapel for the traditional Bible Ceremony. Our Campus Minister, Sr. Pat Schifini, OSU, began the beautiful prayer service with the words, "Jesus, help us to know your Word as a living Word so that we may come to love one another more deeply and to proclaim your Word to the world."  She then lit the candle.



Principal Rosemary Beirne proclaimed the Gospel reading from John.  Assistant Principals Denise Moore and Liz Lynch shared the words of St. Angela. Mrs. Davidson, our President, sprinkled holy water over the Bibles.




Then the Bibles were blessed and presented to each student by Mrs. Davidson as 6th grade Social Studies teacher Ms. Welch called each student's name.




Three students led the Prayers of the Faithful, and many students had special intentions.  As the prayer service ended, Mrs. Davidson and Mrs. Beirne spoke briefly to the class about the special step they had just taken which brings them more fully into the Ursuline school community.


The Bibles are personalized with each student's name. The girls will use these Bibles in their Religious Studies classes.



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