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Honoring Mary at the May Crowning

At our annual May Crowning this year, students led a beautiful litany to the Blessed Virgin Mary and prayed a decade of the rosary.  The oldest Middle School student placed the crown of flowers on the statue of Mary, as two students brought up the basket of intercessory prayers.   Another special touch was the reciting of the poem Lovely Lady, Dressed in Blue.  Traditional Marian hymns were sung as drawings of Mary were shown on the screen.

Group of students at May Crowning


Students also presented reflections on what Mary means to them. Here are excerpts of the reflections that were shared:

Alex ’27 -  Mary represents a strong woman and mother. She shows every young girl that they could do anything they set their mind to. She agreed to being the mother of the Messiah even though she was skeptical about it.

Hollis ’27 -  To me, Mary means a good friend. A trustworthy person. An intercessor with Jesus. Mary is someone who will fulfill her word. She will live up to her promise.

Christina ’25 - Mary’s strength in her belief in God, that He would take care of her, helps me in my difficult times and reminds me that I too must have that same belief, and realize that He will take care of me, too.

Dani ’25 – Mary is like a mother. She takes care of me and looks after me making sure everything is okay. When something’s wrong I always know I can count on her and go to her for help.

Meghan ’25 -  Mary endured many challenges, even “having a sword pierce her soul”, which meant that she had to deal with many griefs. Despite this all happening, Mary still kept her faith in God and in the Holy Spirit.

Auriana Theater filled with MS students

Thank you to our Campus Ministers, Ms. Smyth and Mrs. Crowley, for coordinating a beautiful, special ceremony and for sharing with our school community their faith and love for our Blessed Mother.  Thank you to Chris Pope for the excellent photos.

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