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Inspiration from the Era of Radio

Let's go back in time to the era of radio.  Have you ever listened to The Shadow, Little Orphan Annie, War of the Worlds or Mystery radio shows? Those in TUS Drama have. Since October 2020, our TUS Drama students have studied over 20 plays and various styles of writing in a Drama Study Workshop.

The plays varied in style, genre, and era.  They were traditional, non-traditional, from literature and fantasy.  Each day the group worked on a different piece, learning how to perform in cold readings. The young thespians took on an assortment of roles and characters to interpret and portray.  This was a wonderful learning experience and a lot of fun. The end result was a "limited run" - the performance of 8 radio plays for their families, via Zoom, during the week of March 15, 2021

The format was a radio program. Students learned how radio programs created characters out of sound; they studied specific famous radio shows and the elements that assisted to carry the story along.  The tech crew researched each play diligently to choose appropriate sound effects.  Actors learned how to create character with their own vocal variations. They worked on applying emotions and expressiveness in the sound of their voice and not to rely on costumes, props, staging and movement. However, they did select appropriate Zoom backgrounds to convey a sense of the character and story. Our cast also worked on writing commercials for their radio plays.

Radio play Time Machine group Mar 2021


Congratulations to our actors and tech crew, under the direction of Ms. Edie Ann Reidy! They were sensational!

Actors: Morgan Adamson ’23, Ariana Banks ’27, Frances Cockburn ’22, Rose Cockburn ’27, Ava Fernandez ’27, Gabby Hebert ’24, Gabriella Iannace ’23, Mya Joseph ’26, Jillian Komosinski ’27, Leila Martinez ’23, Courtney McAloon ’21, Olivia McDevitt ’27, Ava Pallotta ’21, Siena Perez ’26, Felicity Ruiz ’21, Sofia Santana ’24, Kira Schaefer ’21, Alexandra Stella ’21, and Miah Zabala ’26.

Tech Crew: Tech Sound Stage Manager - Katherine Mehler ‘23. Sound Crew - Sienna Perez ‘26, Olivia Stella ‘26. Commercial Coordinator - Leila Martinez ‘23. 
Commercials written in our writers workshop by Leila Martinez ‘23, Sofia Santana ‘24, and Sienna Perez ’26.

The 8 radio plays were: Cinderella Syndrome, INC, Sleeping Beauty Briar Rose, The Wright Brothers, The Man on the Moon, Alice in Wonderland, The Time Machine, and Journey to the Center of the Earth. Please enjoy a selection of screen shots below.

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Radio plays Edie Ann Mar 2021
Radio play Cinderella Mar 2021
Radio play Guard Mar 2021
Radio play Candy Mar 2021
Radio play Brunhilda Mar 2021
Radio play Cinderella Mar 2021
Radio play Narrator Mar 2021
Radio play Etheridge Mar 2021
Radio play Cinderella large group Mar 2021
Radio play Briar Rose group Mar 2021
Radio play Briar Rose Mar 2021
Radio play Men on Moon group Mar 2021
Radio play Announcer Mar 2021
Radio play Lilienthal Mar 2021
Radio play Father Mar 2021
Radio play Cavor Mar 2021
Radio play Wright Bros group Mar 2021
Radio play Phi-oo Mar 2021
Radio play Alice Mar 2021
Radio play Cheshire Cat Mar 2021
Radio play Dutchess Mar 2021
Radio play Alice group Mar 2021
Radio play Commercial Mar 2021