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Introducing Our 2021 New Faculty & Staff

We are very pleased to welcome new faculty and staff to The Ursuline School! We welcome their enthusiasm and the expertise that they bring to our students. We formally introduce to our greater school community the teachers and staff named below, who joined Ursuline this September as well as those who joined during the past academic year. All their names are listed below. We were able to bring some of them together for a group photo on the steps of the McEvoy Family Arch with our iconic tower in the background. Welcome to all!

Welcome, new faculty and staff, Sept 2021

Pictured above are:  top row, from left, Sean Fedeli, John Collins, Kevin Anton; middle row, Svetlana Vlahopoulous, Theresa Ufomaduh, Keith Donnelly, Howard Mo;
bottom row, Alexis Young, Rosemarie Sanders, Elaine McMahon, Mary Billyou, and Nicholas Imbornone.

Mr. Kevin Anton, Science Department. Mr. Anton is teaching Honors Earth Science (8th grade), and Physics (11th grade).  He earned a BS in Kinesiology at UMass Amherst, MS in Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University, and is an MAT Candidate at Manhattanville College. Mr. Anton is also organizing activities in the iHub, our new makerspace.  His goals in the classroom are to help students to recognize their potential and be more than just learners. He believes that students must be given the opportunity to bring change in their community through their education. Students provide a unique perspective on the world. Therefore, students can be innovators, activists, entrepreneurs, and leaders.  Aside from the classroom, Mr. Anton shares that he has been playing the piano for over 20 years.

Ms. Mary Billyou, Visual Arts & Media Department. Ms. Billyou teaches Art / Digital Media and a new course,  Film & Broadcasting. She holds an M.F.A.in film, video and new media from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She also earned a fellowship in fine/studio arts at The Whitney Independent Study Program. Her goal is to always keep an open mind  and be responsive to students' questions. In any spare time, Ms. Billyou loves to knit.

Mr. John Collins, Social Studies Department. Mr. Collins teaches AP U.S. History and Economics/U.S. Government.  He has a B.S. in History from SUNY Oneonta and an M.A.T. in Teaching Social Studies from Stony Brook University. One of his main goals is to show students why social studies is important and relevant to their lives. Besides history, this includes geography, economics, civics & government, and culture & society. He also hopes to inspire students to pursue their goals for the future and never give up on themselves. In addition to his classroom training, his first teaching experience was at West Mountain in Queensbury, NY, as a ski instructor.

Mr. Keith Donnelly, Classics Department, Chair. Mr. Donnelly earned a B.A. in Classics at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and an M.A. in Latin Education at Hunter College, CUNY.  His goal is to transmit his love of and fascination with the Ancient World to a new generation of students. Mr. Donnelly loves road cycling and he has been on cycling holidays in six different countries.

Mr. Sean Fedeli, Social Studies Department. Mr. Fedeli  teaches 9th grade global history and geography, including one honors course. Mr. Fedeli earned a BA from Yale, MST in Social Studies (9-12) from Fordham, and an MS in School Building Leadership from St. John's University. His goal is to make history interesting and relevant to students and also help them to gain an appreciation for the diverse cultures and belief systems of the world. Mr. Fedeli is a veteran and was deployed as part of the peacekeeping mission in Kosovo in the late 1990s.

Mrs. Danielle Goldsmith, Reading,Language Development Department / grades 8-12. Mrs. Goldsmith holds a BA with a double major in Sociology/Anthropology and French from Colgate University and a Masters in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions (Speech and Language Pathologist/ Reading Specialist). She hopes to help students learn how to face challenges head on and to advocate for themselves. She wants them to be able to identify what they don't know and then take appropriate steps to figure it out. Mrs. Goldsmith loves lakes and mountains and her favorite places to spend time are on the ski slopes, zipping down the mountain or on the shores of Lake Michigan, way "Up North!"

Ms. Wendy Bryn Harmer, Performing Arts Department. Ms. Harmer has a BFA from The Boston Conservatory, and an artist diploma from The Metropolitan Opera. In fact, Ms. Harmer is a professional opera singer and has a Grammy Award. She loves to teach but her performance schedule made that difficult in the past.  Thanks to the early mornings at Ursuline, where music classes start at 7:15 am, she can make it work.  Ms. Harmer teaches choir to all high school students. Her goal is to teach the girls more about how to find their own voices while also listening to each other.  

Ms. Janice Holderman, Nurse.  Ms. Holderman has a BSN from Adelphi University and an MA from Hofstra University.  She has worked in PACU and home care in various hospitals on Long Island and in Westchester. Ms. Holderman is assigned to Ursuline by the New Rochelle School District, and has worked in the district for 14 years. She loves tennis, skiing, and golf.  She looks forward  to becoming a part of the Ursuline community and her goal is to keep everyone safe and happy.

Mr. Nicholas Imbornone, Classics Department.  Mr. Imbornone teaches 6th Grade Latin, 7th Grade Ancient Greek, Classical Mythology for grades 10-12, Latin 1 for grades 8 and 9, and Latin 2 for grades 9 and 10. He has one master's degree in Adolescent Latin Education from Hunter College, and another master's degree in History from The College of Staten Island. He also has a teaching certificate in Latin from NY State. His approach as a teacher is to engage students through interactive and interesting lessons which focus heavily on the reading method for second language acquisition. His ultimate goal is to increase interest and fascination for Latin, ancient Greek, and Classics.  Mr. Imbornone studied abroad in Rome in college, and has taught at the college level.

Ms. Jenifer Jules, Registrar. Ms. Jules aims to provide support to students, faculty and staff while maintaining the integrity of the school educational records. She holds an Associates Applied Science in Accounting from Borough of Manhattan Community College, a Bachelors in Business Education from Concordia College-NY, and a Masters in Accounting earned at Long Island University-Brooklyn as well as a Masters in General Special Education from Concordia College-NY.  She enjoys reading, listening to music, and basketball.

Mrs. Elaine McMahon, Academic and College Counseling Department. Her  goal as a counselor is to advise students to help them find the right “college fit” where they can continue to be challenged intellectually, develop their talents and interests both inside and outside the classroom, and assume leadership positions in the college setting.  Mrs. McMahon has earned a BA at Fordham University, a Master of Public Administration at NYU, and also a Certificate in College Counseling at UCLA. She conquered her fear of sharks by participating in an open / uncaged shark dive in Hawaii where she and others were in the company of 30+ sharks.

Ms. Katarina Menze, Advancement Office. As an Advancement Assistant, Ms. Menze is involved in many aspects of the fundraising and programming organized by our Advancement Office.  Her bachelor’s degree from The College of New Jersey is in Communication Studies with a Business minor. Ms. Menze's personal goal is to visit all of the National Parks in the U.S.

Mr. Howard Mo, Computer Science Department. Mr. Mo teaches Computer Applications, Introduction to Robotics, Creating with Code, and Computer Science Fundamentals. He holds a BA in computer science from NYU. He started his career in software development and finance with Goldman Sachs. Mr. Mo spent over 20 years developing and managing software applications that helped a number of business groups to build out solutions to complex problems. He is excited to bring his love of technology to education with hopes of helping anyone interested in building solutions to real problems. His interests include rock climbing, volleyball and cooking.

Mr. Kelvin Ruiz, Director of Technology. Mr. Ruiz has a bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems from the Rochester Institute of Technology. His goal is to keep the school up to date with the latest technology while continuing to be innovative and current with all technology needs for the school. He loves dogs and once owned 11 dogs at the same time.

Ms. Rosemarie Sanders, Science Department. Ms. Sanders teaches Earth Science / Chemistry.  She holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from SUNY Purchase and a Masters of Science Education from University of Bridgeport.  Her goals as a teacher are to guide students to be critical thinkers and to assist them to be leaders. She has many hobbies: hiking, boating, as well as writing, and she is involved in serving the community.

Ms. Jolie Tang, Athletic Trainer. Ms. Tang’s goal is to keep our athletes healthy and happy. She has a B.A. in Social and Behavioral Sciences, with a Minor in Psychology, and an M.S. in Athletic Training, both received from Seton Hall University. An athlete herself, she was on a team that won a Nike basketball championship game in Madison Square Garden.

Mrs Theresa Ufomaduh, Science Department.  Mrs. Ufomaduh teaches Chemistry and Honors Chemistry. She majored in Chemistry and minored in Biology; she also earned an MBA in Finance. She earned all her degrees from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State, in Nigeria. Mrs. Ufomaduh hopes to see students grow not only academically but socially, emotionally, in confidence and being individual critical thinkers. She tries to build a sense of community in the class, encouraging collaboration and active engagement. Mrs. Ufomaduh has many interests, such as interior design.  She loves to travel and has a Private Pilot’s License.  

Mrs. Svetlana Vlahopoulos, Math Department. Mrs. Vlahopoulos teaches 7th grade Math, 7th grade Accelerated Math and 8th grade Algebra 1. She has a Masters of Science.  She aims to motivate students with exciting teaching methods, and to provide students with individualized learning experiences.  Mrs. Vlahopoulos enjoys traveling and hopes to visit Italy next summer.

Ms. Alexis Young, English Department. Ms. Young teaches 6th and 9th grade college prep. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education from Rider University, College of Education and Human Services, and a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Writing from Rider University, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Ms. Young is now pursuing a Master of Education in Teaching and Learning with a concentration in Digital Learning (Expected September 2022) from Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Online Program). She is a proud alumna of The Ursuline School, Class of 2016, and daughter of an Ursuline alumna as well. As a teacher, she hopes to connect students to the world around them through literature. With a deep understanding of characters and external factors, students can apply their knowledge to real world experiences.  Ms. Young loves to craft and one day, she would love to take a month long trip exploring Europe.

Earlier this year, we publicly welcomed our new Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Ms. Tamisha M. Chestnut. Please read the News story HERE.  

We also would like to announce that Ms. Robyn Summa, formerly the Chair of the Science Department, is now our Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction. Ms. Summa earned a B.S. in Marine Science from Stockton College; M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Environmental Education from Florida Atlantic University; and M.S. in School Building Leadership from The College of New Rochelle. Ms. Summa is an alumna of The Ursuline School, Class of 1993. Since joining Ursuline in 1998, Ms. Summa has taught science and will continue to teach the AP Environmental Science course.  In recent years, Ms. Summa has taken on administrative roles, specifically, Scheduling; Professional Development Coordinator; and New Teacher Mentor. She is excited to take on her new responsibilities as Assistant Principal.

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