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Live Theater on The Ursuline Stage

Intrigue, blackmail, secret passages and general mayhem were on the menu for a mysterious dinner party in the play "Clue" - featured on stage at Ursuline's Auriana Theater on November 19 and 20, 2021.

Dinner table scene


A talented ensemble cast of Ursuline students brought to life the famous characters in the classic Hasbro board game and 1985 Paramount movie in this "hilarious farce-meets-murder." Audience members received a Clue scorecard and pencil to keep track of who they thought did in, in what room, and with what! 

Characters examine various possible weapons


Led by Wadsworth the butler (Leila Martinez), the characters raced to find the killer as the body count stacked up. The ensemble cast was a tour de force with the actors onstage for the majority of the play in order to find out “who done it.”

Stroll on stage


In addition to Wadsworth, the ensemble included Ms. Scarlet-Sofia Santana, Ms. White-Morgan Adamson, Ms. Peacock-Gabriella Iannace, Yvette-Madalynn Tuttle, Professor Plum-Cameron Caie, Mrs. Green-Makayla Mastrangelo, Colonel Mustard-Kaitlyn Flores, Mrs. Boddy-Gabby Herbert, the singing telegram girl, The Cook-Faren Howard, Sous Chef- Presley Gallagher, Chief of Police-Jenna Cain, COP( the unexpected cop) (alive and dead)-Madeline Alaimo, Motorist-Angelena Marji, Newscaster-Nichole Jiang, and McCarthy-Vishna Patel.

The cast welcomed middle school newcomers to our Drama Club, led by Olivia O'Briskie, Nora Hoener, Aurelia Carlson, Mary Allen, Sophia Paprota, Klara Boka, andVeronika Boka.

Visitors arrive


Congratulations to the entire cast for their lively and entertaining performances.  Live theater is a team effort, and we thank Stage Manager Katherine Mehler and Sound Director Julia Higgins who ran tech. Additional thanks to Moya Williams (lighting) as well as Julia Taffe, Georgina Gamble, and Isabella Ferrisi who were backstage and worked brilliantly behind the scenes. Special thanks to Tech Director Anthony Marinello.

“Clue” was directed by Edie Anne Reidy who was thrilled to see her drama students thrive and shine on the stage once more. 

Cast, crew, and director of Clue

Many thanks to Chris Pope for the lovely photos.


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