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Imaginative Final Projects

Across all grade levels and subject matters, we completed the 2020-21 academic year with outstanding student presentations.

Ms. Martino's 7th Grade English classes created books based on their yearlong study of the theme of identity.  Students shared their projects in a "Book Cafe."  They each wrote three chapters with illustrations, plus an author biography, dedication, summary, fictional reviews and artwork on the cover. Students enjoyed reading each other's books and writing feedback for their classmates.

Ms. Iorio’s 7th grade accelerated Math class presented their three-tier wedding cakes that they sketched in precise detail and created out of cardboard. Students measured the volume and surface area. They also converted a recipe to scale, to feed 20 people.

Wedding cakes and recipes using math skills

For 8th graders in Ms. Barry's and Mrs. Crowley's Religious Studies classes, their final project to culminate their study of Church history, was research on a recent influential woman in the Catholic Church.  Placing the woman in the historical context of the Church, students highlighted each woman's life as well as her contribution to the People of God.  Additionally, students were asked to assume the persona of their assigned woman, present in the first person and to dress as the woman. The presentations included profiles of St. Teresa of Calcutta, St. Frances Cabrini, St. Kateri Tekakwitha, Dorothy Day, and Saint Josephine Bakita.

Mrs. Riker and Mrs. Doherty’s 9th grade Technology Essentials class completed their semester of coding with Micro:bit, a microcontroller, that is, a simple computer that can run one program at a time, over and over again. Students were tasked with creating something new that would incorporate iterations, conditional statements, radio frequencies (the Mb has a built-in Bluetooth radio), and randomly selected arrays. Projects included a Micro:bit version of "Heads Up", a Koala doll, a hairband, a fortune teller, an air hockey table (complete with sound effects and score keeping), and a wearable softball pitch monitor/ counter - which measured the force of a softball pitch!

Microbits fortune teller

Students in Mrs.  Zoida-Fragale’s Italian 1 classes met the performer, singer and songwriter Simona Rodano, CEO of Incanto Productions. Ms. Rodano, known as the "Italian Fairy, La Fata Italiana," produces various edutainment shows in Italian and English which inspire students' love for Italy and Italian culture while also addressing themes such as recycling and healthy lifestyles. Her programs involve learning through music and movement. Our students enjoyed meeting Ms. Rodano on Zoom and having the opportunity to ask questions about her career as well as the chance to sing in Italian, dance and take pictures with " the Fata."

To finish out the year, our 9th grade Strings class, under the direction of Ms. Gentry, played an arrangement of the Beatles song, Eleanor Rigby, that students had written using theory and technology software.  The musicians had been learning about musical intervals, how to read a lead sheet, and the different chords in Eleanor Rigby. Then, using either Flat.io, Musescore, or Noteflight.com, students created their own harmony to accompany the melody. A beautiful finale to their musical studies.

Ms. Gentry leads String class

Mrs. Coffey’s 9th Grade Global History students gave presentations on a Renaissance Artist, such as the sculptor Donatello and the painter Jan van Eyck. Meanwhile, in Mrs. Coffey's 10th grade Global History course, students had researched 20th Century Crimes Against Humanity or Genocides.  The presentations were aimed at educating their classmates on the human rights issues that have taken place or are still taking place throughout the world, such as in China, Rwanda, Iraq, Syria, Armenia, Bosnia, Cambodia and the Congo.  

Students present on Khmer Rouge


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Students hold up the books they wrote & shared in a Book Cafe
Students write each other notes during the Book Cafe
Our 7th grade designed and created wedding cakes
Microbits demonstration
Microbits koala doll
Microbits headband
Violinist plays Eleanor Rigby,
Students present on Syrian genocide
Renaissance presentation, Donatello
Student interviews Ms Romano
Italian 1 students with Ms. Romano