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Latin Accomplishments are Recognized

Results are in for the 2022 National Latin Exam, a test given annually to Latin students across the United States and in 21 other countries.  This year more than 100,000 students took the exam. 

The NLE is not meant to be a competition but rather an opportunity for students to receive reinforcement and recognition for their accomplishments in the classroom.

The test covers general knowledge of Latin grammar and vocabulary, mythology, Roman culture, derivatives, and translation abilities. 

We congratulate the 29 students who earned distinctions on this year’s NLE.

NLE awardees gather in the lobby


NLE awardees in the classroom


Gold Summa Cum Laude

Silvia Cuono '25, Katherine Miller ‘25, Sophia Frank ‘22


Silver Maxima Cum Laude

Kelly Lahiff ‘23, Jane Connelly '23, Ava Snyder ‘24, Hailey Tyndale ‘23, Danielle Restaino ‘22, Daphne Banino ‘22, Victoria Morris ‘26, Anjali Shafiee ‘25 , Corinne Ross ‘25, Catherine L’Helias ‘25, Rachel Ortiz ‘23


Magna Cum Laude

Miah Zabala ‘26, Elizabeth McFarland ‘25, Sophia Tang ‘24, Annika Pitawala ‘25, Meghan McDonald ‘24, Caralyn LoConte ‘25, Morgan Adamson ‘23, Katherine Mehler ‘23


Cum Laude

Emily Trezza ‘26, Blake Wilson ‘26, Evelyn Gassman ‘24, Ella Sohng ‘24, Audrey Warren ‘25, Juliet DeMeo ‘23, Lola Milazzo ‘22

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