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Our Computer Scientists Take Center Stage

The 2021 Computer Science Education Week theme is  #CSEverywhere.  The theme highlights the relationship that computer science has to different subjects, industries, career paths, and our everyday lives.

Our computer scientists learn that computer science is indeed everywhere. Lily, a Computer Science II Honors students, says, “My favorite CS project was coding an application to order a Starbucks drink. I was able to relate the application to something that we use in real life every day and it was so cool to see.” 

Her classmate Julia shared, “My favorite part about computer science is being assigned a task and handling the problem like you would a puzzle, piecing together the different variables, statements and buttons you need in order to produce the desired result.”

Adv Pl students with a favorite quote


Ursuline is proud to offer Computer Science courses to students in 6th grade through AP Computer Science. In 6th grade Computer Science Fundamentals, students are introduced to the foundation concepts of programming via a Code.org class that uses drag and drop blocks.

Grade 6 in the iHub


Our 7th graders create animations and make games. This course was developed by Carnegie Mellon Academy which utilizes text-based coding in Python.

Grade 7 teamwork in learning code


In 8th grade Robotics, students use EdScratch, a high level block based programming language.  The Middle School students enjoy completing an activity that is required but offers them the freedom to be creative and “choose what I want the robot to do!”

Grade 8 learns robotics


Our high school students in CS I Honors and CS II Honors learn full-stack application development in the Visual Basic computer environment. Students learn many skills in these courses.  As Ciara explained, “There is a lot of trial and error which taught me patience and forced me to try new ways.” Her classmate, Noelle, said, “Computer Science skills can translate in other classes. I have learned to think outside the box, a skill which can be applied in writing for my English and History classes."

CS 1 students work in class


In Advanced Placement Computer Science, the students use JAVA as the programming environment. Olivia observed, “What surprised me the most is the complexity of the course. Every topic we learn challenges the brain and takes much trial and error. However, with communication with my teachers and classmates, I am able to thrive in my understanding.”

Adv Pl class with Mrs Carbone

Ursuline students discover that rigorous thinking, trying different approaches, and teamwork are all important skills whether or not a student plans to pursue a computer science degree in college.  CS is for everyone!

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Mr Mo leads 8th grade robotics class
Group of 6th graders in our iHub
Gr 8 at work
Adv Pl CS class shows their work
CS 2 students, Mr Lorden, with Grace Hopper poster
8h graders collaborate in the iHub
Gr 6 enjoys learning computer science
CS 1 students collaborate
Grade 7 in our iHub