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Our Future Leaders & Historic Election

Ursuline students are thoughtful and confident and develop as leaders in many ways.  On November 9, 2020, five of our students had the opportunity to be interviewed by Channel 2 News about what Vice President-elect Kamala Harris means to them. The students spoke of this “momentous event” and that “everything is now achievable.”  They described how inspiring and empowering this historic election is for all women, “no matter which side of the aisle that you align with.”  

Screenshot of Ch 2 Interview via Zoom in Nov 2020

We invite you to read the article and watch the interview HERE.

Ursuline offers many opportunities for young women to develop their skills and grow into confident, courageous leaders who possess grit and take risks in whatever realm they may choose.  Some students initiate and lead clubs. Others lead on their sports team or music group or in student council. The three high school students interviewed by CBS are part of a small group that Ursuline sponsored to take the program Empowering Female Voices—offered by the non-partisan Close Up and The Institute for Social Impact in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment. 

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