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Science Researchers Presented Their Findings

We were so pleased to resume our in-person annual Science Research Symposium on April 28, 2022. At the poster session, held in our Gabelli Library, the seven sophomores, four juniors, and seven seniors who are engaged in Science Research enthusiastically discussed their research and answered questions.

Ms. Summa speaks with a student researcher


Senior presentations in the Auriana Theater featured the excellent projects completed by students after three years of this independent research program, most of it conducted during the pandemic. The senior science researchers showed a strong command of their subject matter and a solid understanding of the scientific research process.

The seven senior presentations this year were:

  • “The effects of elevated CO2 levels on marine ecosystems: A qualitative review” by Emma McCauley.
  • “Investigating the efficacy of outpatient alcohol and opioid withdrawal services: Understanding the impacts of age and gender” by Julia Ognibene.
  • “Examining the association between Celiac Disease with respect to infant age and amount of gluten intake: A systematic review and meta-analysis” by Olivia Keum.
  • “A proposal of new programs to assist in the daily life of adolescents with autism spectrum: a meta-analysis” by Mackenzie Handler.
  • “Impacts of COVID-19 lockdown on high school students in relation to increase in weight" by Rebekah Chacko.
  • “Examining the correlation between wellbeing of high school students and the presence of remote learning” by Sara LaVia.
  • “Comparing the usage of invasive and non-invasive ventilators during the COVID-10 pandemic: a meta-analysis” by Maria Bulfamente.


Ventilator usage


Thank you to the mentors from the science community, and to our science faculty – Dr. Litvine and Mrs. Beaton - who guide our student researchers.

Senior researchers with Dr. Litvine, Mrs. Beaton, Dr. Melnyk, Mrs. Beirne

Dr. Litvine, Mrs. Beaton, senior researchers, Dr. Melnyk, Mrs. Beirne

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