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The Cereal Effect, a Domino Row in our Halls

Our first school-wide service project of the 2021-22 year literally took over the halls of the school!

In the spirit of Serviam - "I will serve" - Ursuline families, faculty, and staff donated boxes of cereal as part of The Cereal Effect, a student-led effort at Ursuline to help combat childhood hunger.

Did you know that 13 million American children go to school hungry every day? Ursuline students have learned this. They also learned through The Cereal Effect that many of our neighbors in New Rochelle fall into this category.

Our friends at HOPE Community Services shared that they see a significant spike in requests for cereal every September, and that since the pandemic, the number has been even higher. The cereal boxes that we collected will be disseminated to those in need through HOPE Community Services.

Director of Philanthropy Cathy McCarthy '84 organized a student team in the summer and their efforts culminated on October 20.   First, all middle school students were invited to the cafeteria for a cereal breakfast. Students had been asked to forego breakfast at home that morning. The idea was for the students to get a sense of what it is like to arrive at school on an empty stomach. President Melnyk and Principal Beirne gave short remarks and then students had breakfast together - cereal, milk, and orange juice.

Second, after breakfast, students and the Advancement Team lined up the cereal boxes for the domino kick-off! When the 1,094 cereal boxes lining the halls of Ursuline were set in motion, they created a cereal box domino effect!  Please click on the image below to see the video and news reporting on Channel 7 and News 12.

The Cereal Effect logo

The John Cardinal O'Connor School in Irvington joined our effort and accounted for 127 boxes which put us over the 1,000 box mark.

We are proud of the student leaders who took command of this very important project and ran with it - Olivia Goncalves '22, Mary Cinguina '23, Lena Gilardi '24, and Caralyn LoConte '25.

We were glad to have News 12 reporter Nikita Ramos and videographer Erica spend the morning with us, reporting on this outstanding service initiative.  See additional News 12 reporting at https://westchester.news12.com/ursuline-school-collects-over-600-boxes-of-cereal-to-help-fight-childhood-hunger


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Many boxes lined up in the arcade
News 12 interviewed Cathy McCarthy and student leaders
Cereal boxes line the stairs
Cathy McCarthy and student leaders with HOPE representatives