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Our 4th Annual TUSMUNC

It was our honor to welcome delegates and advisors from middle schools to the fourth annual TUSMUNC – The Ursuline School Model United Nations Conference – on November 13, 2021.  The Secretary-Generals of TUSMUNC, Amrit Singh ’22 and Morgan Adamson ’22, expressed the hope “that this conference may build on our goal of challenging delegates to work together, even from opposing sides of conflict, towards a common goal of a brighter future for all.”

Crisis Committee at work in the Gabelli library


Due to ongoing pandemic limitations, the conference was again virtual for all schools except Ursuline.  We used Zoom and Slack, software for online video communications.  The virtual aspect allowed representation from across the United States.  We were pleased to welcome delegates from Brentwood School (in California), Ethical Culture Fieldstone and The Masters School (in New York), South Orange Middle School and South Orange Maplewood Middle School (New Jersey) and, of course, our own Ursuline middle school.

View of delegates on Zoom


The theme of TUSMUNC IV was "Battle for A New Regime."  In each of the four crisis committees this year, delegates experienced their fictional or reality-based worlds being brought to a turning point. In the Hunger Games Committee, District 13 was back in the 75th Hunger Games. Dissent between the Capitol and the Lower Districts, a dangerous epidemic, potential attacks from the Capitol, and other intense crises all made the Hunger Games Committee incredible.

In the Percy Jackson Committee, the gods and goddesses of Mt. Olympus had to fulfill the promise of adding new Cabins to Camp Half-Blood to recognize lesser-known gods and goddesses. This required forming alliances and garnering votes for proposed resolutions.

The third committee was historically based, set in 1565. Delegates in the Battle of the Queens Committee were invited to make their mark in the conflict over the English and Scottish thrones, whether it be in support of Mary of the Scots, or Elizabeth I.

The fourth committee addressed current topics.  The Amazon Board of Directors had to deal with climate change, anti-trust violations, and workers’ rights and unionization. Since Amazon is one of the most ubiquitous companies in the world, delegates had to consider that each action taken by the board would likely be scrutinized by workers, politicians, and billions of customers globally as well as the media.

And, TUSMUNC also had a media role.  The Press Corps reported news from the other committees, engaged in debate, and immersed Corps members into the world of journalism.

Press Corps


Delegates also raised $205 for Women for Women International, an organization that supports women survivors of war in countries affected by conflict.

The 23 members of Ursuline’s high school Model UN club planned, organized and hosted the conference under the direction of faculty moderators Mrs. Patel and Ms. Doherty. Students worked for months to run an efficient, virtual conference.  We are very proud of them and thrilled to be able to offer this important event to middle school students.

TUS leaders gavel the close


We also acknowledge the work and preparation by each of the delegates who reviewed background guides, conducted their own research prior to the conference, and wrote the required position papers. At the conference, they became familiar with parliamentary procedure as they debated and they learned how much can be accomplished through diplomatic discourse and respectful negotiation. In addressing the scenarios of each committee, delegates were asked to ensure that a step forward into a new future doesn't leave anyone behind. The future already looks brighter with the involvement of these promising global citizens!

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