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Ursuline Seniors Receive ‘Best Delegate’ Award at Model UN Conference

Ursuline Seniors Receive ‘Best Delegate’ Award at Model UN Conference

On February 5, 2023, during their final American University Model UN Conference (AmeriMUNC), seniors Morgan Adamson and Amrit Singh proved that mentorship matters. Selected out of 1,000 competitors worldwide, both Adamson and Singh received the Best Delegate award, which is the highest honor given to a Model UN competitor. 

Junior Kaitlyn Flores, in her second appearance to date, received both an Honorable Mention and Diplomacy Award. Rounding out Ursuline's award winners are seniors Nuala Reynolds and Amrit Singh who also received Diplomacy Awards.

Ursuline’s Model UN team had traveled to Washington D.C. to compete in the three-day conference hosted by American University. Teams of high school students from around the world gathered to debate the fate of ancient artifacts and the fate of natural disaster refugees in the Indo-Pacific region. Student delegates utilized their knowledge of real-life foreign policy to help frame their committee work, engaging in debate while using the rules of parliamentary procedure. 

While there is no experience necessary to join, all Model UN students come away with solid leadership and mentorship skills. Co-moderated by Social Studies teachers, Mr. Chris Woodside and Mrs. Stephanie Halloran-Doherty, Ursuline’s Model UN has built a faithful following, empowering students at all grade levels to express their ideas, develop leadership skills, work collaboratively, and prepare to compete against teams in a global arena. 

Mr. Woodside points out that Model UN is unique in that it provides direct mentorship between Ursuline’s high school and middle school students. “Model UN is one team and, in the true spirit of sisterhood, older students mentor younger ones all year round.” Mrs. Halloran-Doherty adds, “Students serving on different committees work together to fine-tune their arguments. They look out for each other,” she continues. “Older students model effective writing and public speaking skills for our middle schoolers.” Successful mentorship is key to building interest and cultivating a passion for debate. 

In late January, Ursuline hosted its 5th Annual Model UN conference for middle school students, with over 80 delegates competing from schools across the tri-state area and as far away as California. Participants used historical, contemporary, and fantasy topics as they honed their diplomacy skills, working respectfully with those who may have opposing viewpoints. Mr. Woodside stated that perhaps the real pay-off is that Model UN, “truly builds confidence, particularly for younger students.”

Interestingly, the program also helps participants realize one of the Core Values of an Ursuline education. Development of the Whole Person, arguably at the heart of each and every student’s experience, is achieved by recognizing the individual student for who she is and providing programs to help unlock her own unique potential. Ursuline’s Model UN program provides an ideal platform for students to first discover and then attain this intrinsic Core Value while cultivating tested leaders and treasured mentors for years to come. 

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