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The motto of all Ursuline schools is “Serviam
which, in Latin, means “I will serve.”

Ursuline students take action in service as individuals,
club or team members, and as a class.

We offer service to the poor, the hungry, and the sick as well as
those who lost a home or want to learn music. 

We serve by delivering a meal, swinging a hammer, planting trees, singing, donating turkeys,
raising funds and increasing overall awareness.
There are so many ways to serve at Ursuline!


Encouraged, not required.
Service hours are not required to graduate. Rather, service is encouraged and cultivated in numerous ways. The aim is to engage the students so that they learn to recognize a need. They are inspired as they become increasingly aware they have the ability to impact change. Their problem solving skills develop as they work together to meet the needs of others. These experiences help our students to grow into informed and altruistic adults.

Individually or as a group.
Students are exposed to service opportunities as a class, through a club, or as a sports team. Service is a component of membership in the National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, and the Tri-M Music Honor Society. Students use x2VOL to view service opportunities and to track their service hours over the course of their years at Ursuline. 

Recurring or one-off; local or global.
Some service projects are planned well in advance, such as the annual Make A Difference Day for all seniors. Other service projects may be organized in response to unexpected needs, such as Superstorm Sandy. Some service activities are local, such as HOPE Soup Kitchen, and others have a global outlook, such as Operation Smile. The Ursuline School has some  long-standing service relationships with community organizations, such as Quest for Peace, and we continuously welcome new service opportunities, such as the Pajama Project.